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Just Down The Street

And around the corner.

On a one day visit to Windsor Castle in April 2006, we wandered around town a bit. Windsor, being an old town, has an abundance of stone and brick structures that can give the feel of a quaint village next door to where the queen lives. Although, just behind me and to the right is a very busy tourist business district.

This photo is a good example of telephoto compression. I was actually back at the intersection of Castle Hill and St. Alban's Street and zoomed in on the scene. St. Alban's is relatively straight with only a slight curve, but the telephoto effect magnified the curve and compressed the distance of objects in view. The brick building is about a block distant, the church another half block, and the stone towers behind are another half block beyond the church.

I vaguely remember taking the picture, but I discovered the compression effects when I tried to approximate the scene in Google street view. It took me a while to figure out where I must have been standing!

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A Country Cottage

Or else Windsor Castle.

April 2006. After a couple of trips to London under our belts, we got adventurous and just took the train to Windsor without pre-booking something. It turned out to be a very nice full-day visit, before returning late-afternoon to London.

In spite of being a beautiful historical site, it can be hard to get a decent shot without tourists elbowing one another everywhere. That's the problem with it being a popular royal residence. As it turned out, the Queen was in residence at the time, but of course, we didn't see her.

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St. George's Chapel

Originally shared by +John B Tefertiller (FuzzyFarAway)

Who's buried there?

In April 2006 I visited Windsor Castle. In the lower ward sits . . . or rather, stands St. George's Chapel. The original chapel was constructed in 1348, and has been plundered, repaired, expanded and remodeled a number of times. In various corners throughout the building are buried several historical royal personages, most notably from the last century, King George VI, Princess Margaret and The Queen Mother.

This photo was taken with my Panasonic Lumix DMC-FZ30 camera before I knew any better about RAW vs. JPEG photos. My budget minded decision was to take a 1 GB SD card and stick with JPEG. There is a bit of Topaz, some NIK HDR Efex Pro 2, and . . . some other stuff.

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Another Day, Another Castle Pic

Yet another view of Windsor Castle.

As I've been playing with the double- or triple-whammy of getting the free upgrade to the entire Nik suite and the Lightroom 5 beta, I've been able to work on some photos that have lain dormant for a few years. This one is a JPEG from 2006.

I did a little cloning out of heads in the lower left, and the sky . . . well, the sky was an English sky in a JPEG. What can I say? I did some dupicating, layer blending, cloning, etc. to get these mostly faux clouds derived from the real ones that were there.

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A Queen's Castle Is Her Home

I bet it's hard to heat the place up in the winter!

Windsor CastleApril 2006. The Royal Family does not actually reside in this part of the castle. That's up the slope somewhat.

The tone processing consisted of basic adjustments in Lightroom 4 followed by application of custom b/w settings in DxO FilmPack 3, which included a deep orange filter to darken the sky to bring out the moon and castle tower itself, as well as a "large format" grain setting. I also did a bit of cloning and content-aware fill to get rid of some antennas, cables and other distractions.

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