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The River Avon

Yes. that Avon.

This was shot through a rather dirty window in Warwick Castle. It is really just a fifth or so of the original frame, and what I should have shot in the whole frame if I'd been paying attention. (Do you notice a theme to my posts?)

The original was a JPEG because I didn't understand the value or raw files at the time. Shortly after this trip (April 2006), when trying to edit/post-produce my photos, it all became clear. D'Oh!

This is for the #joinindaily theme curated by +Johnny Wills and open to anyone who wants to post ONE photo for any of the daily themes as posted by Johnny. Today's theme is "Rivers Or Streams"

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View From A Castle

Take a deep breath.

This April 2006 photo was taken at Warwick Castle in England. Passing through an archway beneath the main walk up to the castle proper, a vista is presented looking out over the town and down upon the River Avon, the same as in Shakespeare fame.

There was a bit of cloning out of some railings and things in the foreground, and not until recently has the content aware technology been good enough to hide the removal of objects so nicely.

I keep thinking that I might like to go back some day specifically to re-shoot some of what were essentially snapshots while on a bus tour.

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Collegiate Church of St. Mary

Viewed from atop the wall of Warwick Castle.

This day in April 2006 was interesting in that during our tour of Warwick, Stratford-on-Avon and Oxford we experienced everything from warm- almost summery- weather to snow. It was mostly sunny while we explored the castle and grounds, and there were some grand views with skies some photographers would sell their grandmothers for.

This photo was edited in Lightroom 5 and Photoshop with some Topaz Adjust 5 and a few adjustment layers. The original was a JPEG.

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Those rocks don't roll, they fly.

This is a trebuchet- not a catapult- used for slinging boulders at castle walls. This particular replica is located at Warwick Castle where its use is demonstrated several times a day during tourist season. That's the River Avon behind. (Yes, that River Avon.)

Topaz Clarity was the plugin of choice for this photo, and it managed to bring out details that a lot of other plugins could not- at least not as easily.

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