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A Classic View

Can't hardly go wrong there.

There are many classic, one might even say, "cliched" views seen and photographed thousands, or even millions of times. The thing about it is, it's not my classic view until I press the shutter button.

This photo was taken in 2006. In the time since it was taken technology has made it possible to do things to recover an otherwise "bad" photo. I rather like the result that waited ten years to be revealed in this scene.

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Signs Of The (Former) Times

Who knew such a landmark could also be such an "out of the way" place?

This is a show card from the 1920s on display in one of the catwalks between the towers of Tower Bridge. Amazon sells prints of this for £6.49 (about $10 USD), but I got mine for free by taking the Tower Bridge tour with my camera. After an initial presentation about the history and construction of the bridge, you are able to explore the elevated walkways between the towers from which you get an interesting view of London. It's not not quite equal to the London Eye, The Shard or the top of St. Paul's dome- but still an interesting view. (It's worth it to do at least once, and because I've been to London with three different people on their first trip, I've done it three times!)

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Tower Bridge In Black And White

Playing with DXO Filmpack 3.

A week or so ago I posted a version of this shot to the +UK Photography Community _!!!!!! BLUE SKIES + FABULOUS WEATHER SPOTTED IN THE UK !!!!!_ event album. I disclosed then that I had removed a small boat (lower left corner) and 'fixed' the reflection of the North Tower. In looking for a candidate photo to play with my new DxO Labs filters, I saw an opportunity with this scene.

The previous post ( http://goo.gl/1sIWl ) was processed using an older Camera Raw version, so besides playing with the filters, it was a chance to see if I couldn't clean things up better with newer tools. That done, I first used DxO Viewpoint to reduce, but not remove altogether, the keystone effect that resulted from photographing the bridge from this vantage point. I think that came out rather natural looking.

After that I took the picture into DxO FilmPack3 and chose the Fuji Neopan Acros 100 filter. I couldn't tell you if my life depended on it whether this resembles a frame shot on that film; I just liked the way it converted the scene into black and white.

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