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Streetcars In Prague

February 2008

After a morning of wandering around St. Vitus Cathedral and the Prague Castle complex, we made our way down the sloping road toward the tourist district. At the bottom was an intersection of streets and rail lines that seemed an attractive photo subject.

Just as I pressed the shutter two women walked into my frame- and to be honest, I wasn't paying too much attention, because my travel partners were heading away quickly, looking for lunch! Only later did I see the women in the shot, and thought, "If only I had waited three steps, they would have been on the 'rule of thirds' line." Oh well, right?

I have posted versions of this before, and at the time I thought they were pretty good. Yet later, I realized that the vignette was too heavy handed and actually distracted from the positive qualities about the shot. A few years have gone by and I now have the tools in #PhotoshopCC and #LightroomCC along with some other plugins to improve my production.

The original b/w conversion may have included Topaz B&W Effects, but I don't really remember. This time around I used #TopazRemask to select the empty white sky so I could add some clouds. That allowed me to add a subtle vignette that almost isn't there, unless you really know what you're looking for.

Just because I don't mind people seeing before and after comparisons when I re-work a picture, I'll leave the old version in the album (https://goo.gl/121e5J ) but I've removed the original post from the Prague – February 2008 collection.

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Late Afternoon In Prague

I'd love to visit again.

Another shot from a short visit in February 2008. There seems to be nowhere in the city that a photographer can't frame some kind of shot. The bigger problem is choosing from so many great compositions.

Processing included #TopazDenoise #TopazDetail #TopazRemask , and #TopazAdjust in #PhotoshopCC2014

#Travel #CzechRepublic #Prague