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Late Afternoon In Prague

I'd love to visit again.

Another shot from a short visit in February 2008. There seems to be nowhere in the city that a photographer can't frame some kind of shot. The bigger problem is choosing from so many great compositions.

Processing included #TopazDenoise #TopazDetail #TopazRemask , and #TopazAdjust in #PhotoshopCC2014

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Morning Sunlight In Prague

It was very cold that morning!

It was cold. The February 2008 early morning tour bus raced us past several sites as our guide pointed them out, but without stopping. It was just as well, since we were still half asleep and no one had much desire get out and play slip-and-slide on the frosty pavement visible through the windows.

Our ultimate goal was the castle and cathedral complex that overlooks the city. Once out of the bus, we could see frost still putting up a brave fight in the shadows, but there were places where the morning sun seemed to be winning. This was one of the first buildings I remember seeing as we walked from the main street toward St. Vitus cathedral. Doubtless it is some kind of government offices or official residence, but the cold temperature kept much information from sticking to my brain. Nice place, though!

Used to process this photo were #PhotoshopCC2014 #TopazDenoise and #TopazAdjust

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Afternoon In Prague

View from a tower.

This is from February 2008 on a brief three day visit to Prague. The view is from the tower at the east end of Charles Bridge.

I really can't describe my delight at having to climb more stone stairs after a day of walking and touring. No! Really! I can't! It was worth it, however, for the views you can't get at ground level.

Processed with #Lightroom5 #TopazAdjust and #PhotoshopCC2014

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Collegiate Church of St. Mary

Viewed from atop the wall of Warwick Castle.

This day in April 2006 was interesting in that during our tour of Warwick, Stratford-on-Avon and Oxford we experienced everything from warm- almost summery- weather to snow. It was mostly sunny while we explored the castle and grounds, and there were some grand views with skies some photographers would sell their grandmothers for.

This photo was edited in Lightroom 5 and Photoshop with some Topaz Adjust 5 and a few adjustment layers. The original was a JPEG.

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A Winter Morning By The Vltava

If you ignore the modern cars, this could be Prague 100 years ago.

Here's another example of a poor quality photo that I made something nice out of– at least I like it! I cleaned up a lot of noise in Lightroom, then took it over to Photoshop CS6 where I applied a couple of adjustment layers and a Topaz Adjust grunge effect with some custom tweaks for this rendition.

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One Does Not Just Walk Into China

Peering up at the Great Wall

April 2009 – The day was occasionally drizzly, but not unpleasant otherwise, and the clouds . . . well, these clouds weren't there. The sky appeared a uniform 80% gray. And I screwed up on the camera settings, and I left the polarizer on (thus losing a couple stops of light). You know the drill. Dark and noisy. So what else is new in my skill set?

I've tried several ways of rescuing processing this particular frame, as it has a lot of merit on levels other than exposure as such. I think this is The One. The sky is imported and colorized. The details appear (perhaps) kind of painterly because of the heavy amounts of noise reduction, re-sharpening and etc. Nevertheless, I do think I like this result.

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The Bird Nest

A drizzly morning in Beijing!

Here's a couple of shots of the Olympic Stadium in Beijing. Our tour bus stopped next to a pedestrian overpass for half an hour or so on the way to the Ming Tombs and the Great Wall. This was the beginning of a long, long day. On the bus at 8:30 a.m., short stop here, long bus trip to the Ming Tombs, more bus riding to the Great Wall . . . then back into the outskirts of Beijing for a foot massage, dinner and an acrobatics show. I think we got back to our hotel around 10:00 p.m.

Most of my shots that morning were kind of dark and hazy with lots of chromatic and luminance noise- nearly impossible to clean up. Don't look too closely! In the time since I originally tried to rescue process these photos, I've acquired some better skills, better Photoshop and ACR, and just about the full array of Topaz plugins as well. It all helps. Oh- the sky in the second one is a replacement. It took some interesting work to get everything to match in color and contrast.

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In Album China

New And Improved

Four and a half years later, here's the photo.

In February 2008 I spent a week in St. Anton, Austria with a group of skiers. I don't ski, but I was invited by my friend who had booked space for an employee who couldn't go. What would you do with such an offer?

I was sick when we flew out of San Francisco- probably pneumonia, or close to it. But I didn't care if I had to sit wrapped in a blanket all week looking out of the hotel window, I was going to spend a week in the Alps during ski season, d*** it! Actually, I improved steadily as the week progressed and had a great time and some excellent meals.

I have always been reluctant to publish some of the photos from the "snow" portion of the trip (which included a one day side trip to Innsbruck and two days in Prague), since I could never get a good balance between detail and exposure. But in the intervening four years new tools have arrived on the scene that finally allowed me to produce the results here.

Tools used: Photoshop CS6, Adobe Camera Raw 7.1, Topaz Adjust 5 and Topaz Detail 2.

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