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The Lonely Skier

How much fun is that?

In February 2008 I spent a week in the Austrian ski town of St. Anton. I'm not a skier at all. I've spent maybe two days on skis, and those were of the cross country type. I've never gone down a downhill ski slope in my life.

I have friends, though, who are pretty avid skiers. Not fanatics- anymore, you might say of some of them- but they like a good slide down the hill. The reason for this visit was that one of my friends had non-refundable reservations for some of his employees, none of whom could go. They used to go. but one after the other got married, had kids, and etc. Fun over. So I got invited for a pre-paid week in St. Anton during the height of ski season. Nice!

On this day our little group of four had taken the tram halfway up Valluga to have lunch in a restaurant, then we took what I called the "telephone box on a string" up to the peak where there is a vista looking over the Alps into Germany. One has to say, "Spectacular!"

Of course, I would take the tram back down while my friends skied. No problem. It was a fantastic opportunity to get some photos, and there were a couple of scenes that really stood out for me. This is one of them: a solitary skier making their way across a slope already covered with the tracks of the morning skiers- in the mid-day sun. I can't imagine that ski conditions were very good that time of day. Even from where I was standing it looked very icy and crunchy- not much fun to slip-slide over. But there they were.

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Ready To Hit The Slopes!

St. Anton, Austria – February 2008

I spent a week in St. Anton with a bunch of skiers. I don't ski. And I was sick at the start of the trip. But I got better as the days went by, and by Wednesday managed to ride the gondola up the mountain where I had lunch with friends.

This is a composite picture made from two or three frames that were not originally intended for the purpose. It took a lot of bending and warping in Photoshop to match up the major features to get this result. I'm satisfied- just don't look too closely!

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Break From The Weather

St. Anton, Austria – February 2008

The temperature is supposed to get into the 90s (F) by this weekend here in the San Francisco Bay Area. So I thought I'd send a bit of chill out for relief.

You're looking down the mountain upon the village of St. Anton, Austria. I don't ski, but I was invited to join a group of skiers for the week. It's no trouble to ride the tram up and down.

Over the last eight years I have processed this photo several different ways. If you look at my photos, you may see more than one version of this, but I think this is the best so far. The difficulty is in trying to bring out the textures in the snow without making it look dirty. With #LightroomCC and #NIK #ColorEfexPro4 I was able to make the right compromises that enhanced what was available in the original raw file.

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What I Saw When I Woke Up

A photographer with pneumonia will still go out onto the balcony to capture this!

Reworking the archives again.
February 2, 2008. We arrived at the Hotel Arlberg in St. Anton around 1 a.m. after a bus ride from the Munich airport- and that was after a 14 hour flight from San Francisco. I was exhausted and ill, but I was in Austria! This is what greeted me out of my hotel window, so it was no time at all before I stepped out onto the balcony to take a few shots. No regrets about not calling the doctor before leaving on this trip!

The shadows were extremely noisy and didn't clean up well at all. It looks OK at web resolution, but I don't think I'll be passing around any large prints!

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New And Improved

Four and a half years later, here's the photo.

In February 2008 I spent a week in St. Anton, Austria with a group of skiers. I don't ski, but I was invited by my friend who had booked space for an employee who couldn't go. What would you do with such an offer?

I was sick when we flew out of San Francisco- probably pneumonia, or close to it. But I didn't care if I had to sit wrapped in a blanket all week looking out of the hotel window, I was going to spend a week in the Alps during ski season, d*** it! Actually, I improved steadily as the week progressed and had a great time and some excellent meals.

I have always been reluctant to publish some of the photos from the "snow" portion of the trip (which included a one day side trip to Innsbruck and two days in Prague), since I could never get a good balance between detail and exposure. But in the intervening four years new tools have arrived on the scene that finally allowed me to produce the results here.

Tools used: Photoshop CS6, Adobe Camera Raw 7.1, Topaz Adjust 5 and Topaz Detail 2.

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