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There Are Sheep At Avebury

They graze among the standing stones.

Stonehenge is known for its amazingly huge standing stones that were brought, so say the archaeologists, all the way from the coast, or even from Wales. The site must've been magnificent to behold in ancient times, but if all you've ever seen is photos, it can be slightly underwhelming to visit. It's not that big in the grand scheme of things.

Avebury, on the other hand, is a whole village that sits near the center of a very large stone circle- a couple of concentric circles, in fact. The stones are not as geometrically worked as at Stonehenge, but the deal is, you can actually walk up and touch them! Plus, it's fun to play with the supposed magnetic anomalies that exist around/among the stones.

The field that tourists get to enter is also occupied by sheep. so, just in case you were wondering, the stones are to the left or the right of the objects in the photo. What you see here are sheep. Not ancient stones.

The village is rather small. There is a pub. There is a church (open to visit). I don't remember much else. It would, were it not for the tourist industry, be what might be called a "sleepy little village."

This photo was a JPEG from a crummy little camera. Lots of flaws, a lack of real detail, etc. But here are some of the sheep of Avebury.

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