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First Collection: China

Gotta start somewhere!

The photos in this collection are from my one and only visit in 2009. Along with three friends, I was part of a group sponsored by the Oakland, California Chamber of Commerce.

The trip was a week long, consisting of three days in Beijing, two days in Xian and two days in Shanghai. The book-end days were all travel.

Since items appear in the order of posting, rather than album order, the chronology is a bit lost. That’s OK, I guess. It’s about the photos, but it would be nice if the story could be told more logically without re-posting every picture.

One feature I’m already liking about a collection is that a photo can be replaced or updated by deleting a post and creating a new one to be shared to the collection. I have a bad habit of re-working my pictures every time the technologies of Photoshop, Lightroom and plugins get updated. I like to see if I can drag something viewable out of some otherwise questionable photographs.

The China collection


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Yuyuan Garden

I would love a less pressured visit.

Our last day in Shanghai in April 2009, we took a ride on the Shanghai Maglev Train that goes to one of the airports, reaching a speed of 430 kph (267 mph), the fastest I've ever traveled on the ground. Afterward we were taken into a shopping district where the Yuyuan Gardens (also known simply as Yu Gardens) are located. It was a fairly busy place, but I managed this shot without any people in it.

I've also been playing around again with Russell Brown's Photoshop extension, Adobe Paper Textures. Since you aren't given a choice of time-of-day for taking tourist photos, some interesting and beautiful locations become washed out and boring. In cases such as this, you do what you can with vignetting and textures to try to highlight the beauty of the place.

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Eat Your Heart Out, Las Vegas!

Our friends in China really love to light up their buildings.

We made our way across Shanghai after our last dinner before flying back to Beijing and then home the next morning. I had been impressed throughout our trip with the sheer amount of neon, LED and other lighting on both public and private buildings at night. Large Chinese cities are a colorful sight to behold after dark.

I snapped this shot through the window of our moving bus. I thought that what appeared to be an office building with pulsating, moving color LED lighting warranted the risk of a little camera shake. The RAW file was grainy, and full of chroma noise, so I've cleaned it up as well as I can. The sky was a color similar to what is shown here, but I had to fake it. I'm no purist.

It would be an interesting project if one had the time and resources to do a photographic night study of Shanghai or any large city in China.

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AU being the symbol for gold, this building seems to carry a message.

This is looking across from The Bund in Shanghai, China. All I can say is, thank goodness for Photoshop and the various plugins available to drag this out of the original material. You know, as much as I love post processing, there are days when I wish I was a better photographer and didn't have to work so hard on these things!

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A River Runs Through It

A pleasant little park amid the urban chaos of enormous Shanghai.

Our tour bus was at some factory or other for a tour and "shopping opportunity" . . . rugs, I think. A small group of us got the OK from our guide to wander away for an hour or so. He told us about a garden and pet center a few blocks away- think PetsMart and Walmart Garden Center- combined. On the way there was a little riverside park. We spent some time exploring before going on to the garden center, then back to meet our group for lunch in the restaurant conveniently attached to the factory where all of the tour buses stop.

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It's A Universal Experience

Everyone's in a hurry to go nowhere.

All large cities seem to have similar problems. The mobility of the population creates traffic jams, and the best one can do is to go with the flow. It's easier on the psyche if we just relax and observe rather than fuming and cursing the traffic. It won't get us there any faster. This is afternoon rush hour in Shanghai, China. Except for the text on signs, it could be just about anywhere.

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High Voltage!

"They're just some linemen for the city."

No cherry picker lift for these Shanghai utility workers. I wasn't sure if it was actually electrical wires, or if it might be telephone cables that they were working on, but their working conditions looked a bit precarious.

I grabbed this shot from a moving bus, so there was some motion blur as well as haze from the window. I applied some Topaz Simplify 4 custom settings to give it a semi-illustrative look.

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