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Ancient Hill Fort

Since prehistoric times, until relatively recently (Henry VIII era), there has been a fort of some sort on the site that the Romans called Sarum, about a mile outside of Salisbury, England. All that remains are some walls and foundations.

Just behind what is seen here, one can look down upon the outline of a cathedral that sat inside the settlement until around the year 1200 AD, when a dispute over who was in charge arose between military commanders and the local bishop, who ultimately dismantled the cathedral and moved down to Salisbury. Sarum's importance dwindled while Salisbury's fortunes rose.

I wanted to give the impression of a very old photograph here. The original May 2004 frames comprising the panorama were pretty drab, except for the green grass. It was bitterly cold and raining. Later this same day my travel buddy and I got soaked to the skin and stung by hail at Stonehenge.

There are some texture layers in various blend modes used here, along with some other adjustment layers to get the right contrast and sepia look.

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