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After The Storm

Cold, quiet.

During the week before this photo was taken we had some pretty major storms pass through. Heavy rains, high winds, local flooding in some areas. But by the time I made my way to San Bruno Mountain for my weekly maintenance visit, things had cleared up. There had been freezing overnight in sheltered areas.

I had intended to hit the pier in Pacifica for sunset. Just missed it by about 20 minutes. but the pier and beach were still beautiful in the afterglow slipping over the ocean horizon.

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A Pacifica Sunset

A storm was coming, but not for a couple of days.

I got kind of lucky being later than I had originally planned on my weekly visit to San Bruno Mountain. I like to go adventure driving and often take the long way to get there, or maybe take the long way to go back home. I especially like dropping down to the ocean at Pacifica, where I can stroll along the beach front or out onto the fishing pier.

A storm was brewing, but wouldn't arrive for a couple of days. It was sending some pretty nice breakers ahead of time. This is the time of year when the annual Mavericks surf competition takes place nearby, so it's not unusual to have big surf anyway.

But the couds! Oh, the clouds! They were beautiful, and gave some character to the sky as the sun sank into the westward sea. So I took a series of shots of the breakers meeting the shore, and some frames of the clouds above. (I collect sky shots for sky replacement in some of my other photos.)

This was edited starting in #LightroomCC and finished off in #PhotoshopCC with the help of #Topaz Star Effects to enhance the sun flare.

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A Little Beach Time

It was a little foggy.

Whenever I visit Pacifica, I usually take a few shots with the iPhone. This time I took three shots with the idea of making a panorama. I was pleasantly surprised at how well it worked.

This was merged and processed entirely in #LightroomCC using the built-in pphotomerge function. As part of that, I had it automatically warp the borders to fill in white/transparent spaces.

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A Beach, Early Evening

The sea is always restless.

Last week's trip to the beach in Pacifica presented some terrific colors and light. It wasn't quite late enough to be the golden hour yet, but the light was beginning to mellow from the brightness of mid-day.

I did help to empty the beach in #PhotoshopCC and #LightroomCC however, this is not a documentary photo. It is intended, as all art is, to evoke a feeling of some kind. It may be a sense of being there in the moment, or it may be the evocation of some buried memory, and often it is some unidentifiable feeling- a longing or a joy or a sadness or a deep satisfaction. We all respond according to our natures and our experiences.

Since I had to head home, when I view this I think, "Well, it was nice while my visit lasted."

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Early Evening At The Beach

A surprisingly un-busy beach.

Since I lack many opportunities to take satisfying photos, I always take a few shots when I visit the beach at Pacifica. I make it a regular side-trip from my weekly visits to San Bruno Mountain. The sun was at just the right angle to give the water a nice blue-green tint. It might have been even better an hour before, but I'll take this.

And speaking of San Bruno Mountain, I could see the Farallon Islands this week. When the weather offshore is clear, the rocky peaks of the islands can be clearly seen from up on the mountain. I'll take a better look next time I'm at Pacifica on a clear day and see if they're visible from sea level.

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Del Puerto Canyon

19 March 2016

A pleasant El Niño Day

Even if this winter was better than several previous ones, we are still in drought conditions in California. There are no guarantees that one half-decent season of life-giving rain and snow means that next year would be a return to normal. All guesses seem to be that drought and water conservation are the new normal in an environment that has nearly always had plenty of water to go around.

Every couple of years I take a drive one direction or the other up and over Mount Hamilton. If I go from the nearest side, I end up driving down into the San Antonio Valley, then down Del Puerto Canyon into the San Joaquin Valley. It's a several-hour drive, and the worst of it is that where the views are most beautiful and attractive, there is no place to pull over to take photos.

The original capture was on my iPhone 6S+, and processing was done on my LG Gpad 8.0 in #PhotoshopExpress

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Del Puerto Canyon

It's next to the Bay Area, anyway.

From July 2012

Del Puerto Canyon is between San Jose and the San Joaquin Valley on California State Highway 130, and so I decided it was still technically the Bay Area..

The landscape changes dramatically throughout the year as the winter greens everything up, and late spring begins the drying and browning of the grass. At times in winter or spring the rivulets rage like mighty rivers from the runoff as rain soaks the hillsides.

It is a sight to behold.

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