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After The Storm

Cold, quiet.

During the week before this photo was taken we had some pretty major storms pass through. Heavy rains, high winds, local flooding in some areas. But by the time I made my way to San Bruno Mountain for my weekly maintenance visit, things had cleared up. There had been freezing overnight in sheltered areas.

I had intended to hit the pier in Pacifica for sunset. Just missed it by about 20 minutes. but the pier and beach were still beautiful in the afterglow slipping over the ocean horizon.

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The Fog Rolls In

The view from the mountain top.

Usually when the "marine layer" has rolled in there isn't much of a view from San Bruno Mountain, just south of San Francisco. This was one of the rare days when it was sunny, if breezy, at the top, and quite foggy down below. It was pea-soup about halfway up the hill, at the park entrance, to about 7/8 of the way to the peak. I don't mind. I'm one of the weird ducks that likes fog.

This is an iPhone panorama, and because of the breeze I was kind of shaky in my hand-held panning. I was very pleased at the result, though.

There is a bit of #LightroomCC adjustment, but minor overall. The sky has some streaks, probably due to my variable speed pan, but for an in-camera pano, not bad.

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From Mountain Top to Mountain Top

It's there. Really, it's there!

On a visit to San Bruno Mountain, I could see Mt. Diablo across #SanFranciscoBay and the East Bay Hills. I used to drive up Mt. Diablo- the North Peak, four-wheel drive only, on a fairly regular basis, but my then-employers sold the TV station that I was looking after. On a clear night sometimes I miss being able to go up there and see the vista that covers much of Northern California.

I see that the horizon line is a bit tilted, so I'll probably delete this post later and replace it with a straightened version, but I'm feeling lazy right now!

Edit: I looked at the picture again and decided that it was the slope of the ridge, and not really a tilted horizon, so this post stays.

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A Beach, Early Evening

The sea is always restless.

Last week's trip to the beach in Pacifica presented some terrific colors and light. It wasn't quite late enough to be the golden hour yet, but the light was beginning to mellow from the brightness of mid-day.

I did help to empty the beach in #PhotoshopCC and #LightroomCC however, this is not a documentary photo. It is intended, as all art is, to evoke a feeling of some kind. It may be a sense of being there in the moment, or it may be the evocation of some buried memory, and often it is some unidentifiable feeling- a longing or a joy or a sadness or a deep satisfaction. We all respond according to our natures and our experiences.

Since I had to head home, when I view this I think, "Well, it was nice while my visit lasted."

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Sweltering Heat

but not here.

"It's 108 degrees out here," is what my brother said when I answered the phone. "Ah," I said. "As we speak I'm on my way down the hill into Pacifica to visit the ocean."

"Lucky you," he said.

"It was fogged in at the tower site, so I thought it would be a good time to see what's at the beach" I said. When I arrived, I was still on the Bluetooth narrating the pleasantness to him while I scouted around for three or four shots. "It's a very pleasant 70 degrees, but breezy," I told him.

The water was translucent emerald green, a color I had never observed at Pacifica. Though, to be fair, I only recently began visiting on an semi-regular basis. I'm sure many summer days feature scenes like this. It was also later in the day than I'm prone to go there, so that probably added to the effect.

This is an iPhone shot that has been washed, dried and steam-pressed in #LightroomCC for vibrance, highlight and showdow adjustments, and in #PhotoshopCC with some adjustment layers to get the soft glow effect. It was done in a hurry to attach to an email, so there are obvious flaws to the attentive eye.

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The Beach at Pacifica

Oh! The negative ions!

On one of my brief visits to the beach and municipal pier at Pacifica, I captured this scene of clouds, a little low fog hanging around the shoreline and the sun peeking through to illuminate it all. I could wish that my visits would be more frequent and longer, but I don't know. Maybe if the atmosphere became mundane I would long for the miles and miles of brown fields in the Central Valley instead. (No. Not gonna happen.)

As with most photos lately, this was taken with my iPhone 6s, which has a worthy camera. When I gather the resources I may make the hundred-buck investment in a set of Olloclip lenses. I'm especially missing having telephoto capacity.

Processing was done entirely in #Lightroom without a b/w conversion, but with a duotone applied. The original showed almost no color anyway.

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High Tide at High Noon

. . . or thereabouts.

I often stop by the waterfront and pier in Pacifica on my way to San Bruno Mountain. It adds a little time to the overall trip, but it also adds a little enjoyment to the journey. On this occasion I happened to catch the ocean at or near high tide, causing waves to splash over the seawall onto the street.

I managed to catch a wave in mid spray as it swept over the boulders and over the railing, getting a little misted myself. All in all, it was a refreshing half hour or so spent watching waves and enjoying the sunny weather.

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A Canyon Drive

Del Puerto Canyon, to be exact!

I occasionally drive up and over Mount Hamilton from San Jose to Patterson- just to see the scenery. The highway, California Route 130, makes its way down into the San Antonio Valley, then turns east down through Del Puerto Canyon.

Every time I make the trip I am amazed at how near this mountainous terrain is to the San Francisco bay area. Our local weather prognosticators talk often about the "micro climates" of the bay area, but the truth behind the buzzwords is obscured until the sights are seen in person.

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Seal Rocks

Golden Gate National Recreation Area.

This is a view from the ruins of the Sutro Baths, now part of the GGNRA in San Francisco. The rocks are offshore below the Cliff House restaurant. They are so named Seal Rocks because of the seal population that inhabits them much of the time. The vista looking out onto the rocks has been a favorite of locals and tourists for over 150 years.

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