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Trams Waiting

Prague's rail system.

This photo is also in my Prague – February 2008 collection: https://goo.gl/d1j4Sw

My friends and I had just made our way down from the Prague Castle and St. Vitus Cathedral area, and we were very hungry. But there was this scene that needed capturing. They kept moving, but I stopped for a couple of minutes to get a shot.

When you're strictly a tourist and part of a group, you have to keep up with them. You don't always have the choice of hanging out and waiting for your shot to appear. So I lifted my camera to my eye and framed a shot, not paying proper attention. If I'd waited just two beats, the two women might have been at the rule of thirds, perhaps, or hitting a golden sprial nexus, or . . . or . . . but I was in a hurry, so, "Snap!*

This is for the #joinindaily theme, curated by +Johnny Wills. Today's theme is "More Than One Train/Tram."

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St. Ludmila of Bohemia Chapel

Every house ought to have one.

This is a chapel in Prague Castle. There are several chapels within the castle, which is directly adjacent to St. Vitus Cathedral, which also has numerous chapels within. This is the Chapel of St. Ludmila of Bohemia, part of St. George's Basilica, a church founded around the year 900. The chapel is much newer, having been added in the 13th century.

OK. I know, right? There's camera shake and the focus is off, and . . . etc. See, my camera would only go to ISO 400, and that was noisy and pretty much useless. And because you can't use a tripod or flash in Prague Castle, you may get precious few decent pictures. So I took some shots hoping for something- anything.

This is a vertomrama (a vertical panorama) made from two handheld shots merged in #PhotoshopCC after some initial processing in #LightoomCC . The photos were taken with a Panasonic DMC-FZ30 camera in February 2008.

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Yet Another Process

Prague, February 2008.

The morning was cold and bright. The reflection off of the cobblestone plaza was very nearly blinding. And for so early in the day- on a Sunday, in February- there were still a lot of people around.

Although I liked the original photo, I have processed it a few different ways over the years. Occasionally I get lucky and strike some way of processing a photo that people seem to find pleasing. For the most part, though, I'm not exactly a visual thinker. I'm more of a verbal guy. That often makes me the hardest of all to please, when it comes to my own pictures.

I have not played around much with duo-toning in Lightroom until recently. I just don't naturally think of that process when I look at a photo: "Gee, that would look nice if the highlights were this color and the shadows were that color." Nope. Not a natural occurrence.

All I was looking for was something to post on #Instagram last week, and this is what I came up with. I think I nailed it this time! #ShamelessBrag So, I guess the moral of the story is that I should never think of any particular photo as "done," but rather all of my photos continue to be works in progress.

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Peace & Love

The John Lennon Wall, Prague

Beginning some time before the fall of communism in the Czech Republic young people would paint this wall with graffiti, and the government would paint over it. After all, you couldn't have your "communist" youth idolizing a western artist, now could you?

Nearly twenty years after the communists gave up control, the wall remained a tribute to John Lennon, and local youth as well as visitors from all over the world added their notes and artistic flourishes to the product.

Then, in 2014, some "artists" painted the wall white. They claimed, at least, that it was an artistic expression on their part. How silly. Didn't they know that you don't make art by destroying someone else's art? Some people think graffiti is vandalism, but these "artists" were the true vandals.

Almost immediately the graffiti began to reappear, and today the wall is once again covered with text and symbols in tribute to John Lennon. But for me, it's just not the same. Here, then, is what the wall looked like in February 2008.

Production was done in PhotoshopCC 2015 Photomerge with Topaz Detail and a couple of adjustment layers. The original panorama was way too big to upload, so this is reduced to 5000 px across, and jpeg quality of 25. It still looks pretty good, though, I think.

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Streetcars In Prague

February 2008

After a morning of wandering around St. Vitus Cathedral and the Prague Castle complex, we made our way down the sloping road toward the tourist district. At the bottom was an intersection of streets and rail lines that seemed an attractive photo subject.

Just as I pressed the shutter two women walked into my frame- and to be honest, I wasn't paying too much attention, because my travel partners were heading away quickly, looking for lunch! Only later did I see the women in the shot, and thought, "If only I had waited three steps, they would have been on the 'rule of thirds' line." Oh well, right?

I have posted versions of this before, and at the time I thought they were pretty good. Yet later, I realized that the vignette was too heavy handed and actually distracted from the positive qualities about the shot. A few years have gone by and I now have the tools in #PhotoshopCC and #LightroomCC along with some other plugins to improve my production.

The original b/w conversion may have included Topaz B&W Effects, but I don't really remember. This time around I used #TopazRemask to select the empty white sky so I could add some clouds. That allowed me to add a subtle vignette that almost isn't there, unless you really know what you're looking for.

Just because I don't mind people seeing before and after comparisons when I re-work a picture, I'll leave the old version in the album (https://goo.gl/121e5J ) but I've removed the original post from the Prague – February 2008 collection.

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A Bridge Over A Vltava Branch

February 2008

In Prague, the Vltava splits here and there to form islands that, contrary to what appears here, are heavily built out with homes and other buildings. Some of the buildings were once mills, and they still have their water wheels that were used to power machinery inside.

But here, looking south into the winter sun, the overgrowth of trees, grass and shrubs gives an appearance of a country stream from, perhaps, a different time. One would not be surprised to see a horse pulling a wagon across the bridge.

I used #LightroomCC and #PhotoshopCC along with a few other adjustment layers and a round trip to #TopazDetail to arrive at this rendition. There really was a lens flare in the original photo, but I did enhance it a bit in Photoshop.

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Morning In Prague

A nice place to catch some sun!

February 2008

Out tour group had been on foot since early morning, and we had just passed under the west end of Charles Bridge into an open area. There were few people about, and the late morning sun was reflecting brightly into our eyes.

I used to have a version of this photo posted long, long ago, that was slightly narrower, but the same height. I re-processed this from scratch in #LightroomCC2015 and #PhotoshopCC2015 with a bit of help from #TopazDenoise5 and #NIKsoftware #SilverEfexPro2

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Late Afternoon In Prague

I'd love to visit again.

Another shot from a short visit in February 2008. There seems to be nowhere in the city that a photographer can't frame some kind of shot. The bigger problem is choosing from so many great compositions.

Processing included #TopazDenoise #TopazDetail #TopazRemask , and #TopazAdjust in #PhotoshopCC2014

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Morning Sunlight In Prague

It was very cold that morning!

It was cold. The February 2008 early morning tour bus raced us past several sites as our guide pointed them out, but without stopping. It was just as well, since we were still half asleep and no one had much desire get out and play slip-and-slide on the frosty pavement visible through the windows.

Our ultimate goal was the castle and cathedral complex that overlooks the city. Once out of the bus, we could see frost still putting up a brave fight in the shadows, but there were places where the morning sun seemed to be winning. This was one of the first buildings I remember seeing as we walked from the main street toward St. Vitus cathedral. Doubtless it is some kind of government offices or official residence, but the cold temperature kept much information from sticking to my brain. Nice place, though!

Used to process this photo were #PhotoshopCC2014 #TopazDenoise and #TopazAdjust

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