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Ready To Hit The Slopes!

St. Anton, Austria – February 2008

I spent a week in St. Anton with a bunch of skiers. I don't ski. And I was sick at the start of the trip. But I got better as the days went by, and by Wednesday managed to ride the gondola up the mountain where I had lunch with friends.

This is a composite picture made from two or three frames that were not originally intended for the purpose. It took a lot of bending and warping in Photoshop to match up the major features to get this result. I'm satisfied- just don't look too closely!

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A Pacifica Sunset

A storm was coming, but not for a couple of days.

I got kind of lucky being later than I had originally planned on my weekly visit to San Bruno Mountain. I like to go adventure driving and often take the long way to get there, or maybe take the long way to go back home. I especially like dropping down to the ocean at Pacifica, where I can stroll along the beach front or out onto the fishing pier.

A storm was brewing, but wouldn't arrive for a couple of days. It was sending some pretty nice breakers ahead of time. This is the time of year when the annual Mavericks surf competition takes place nearby, so it's not unusual to have big surf anyway.

But the couds! Oh, the clouds! They were beautiful, and gave some character to the sky as the sun sank into the westward sea. So I took a series of shots of the breakers meeting the shore, and some frames of the clouds above. (I collect sky shots for sky replacement in some of my other photos.)

This was edited starting in #LightroomCC and finished off in #PhotoshopCC with the help of #Topaz Star Effects to enhance the sun flare.

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Archive Diving

Reworking old photos>

I bought my first SLR film camera in 1979. It was a Minolta SRT-201. Over the next three years or so I ran more film through the local drug store photo counter than any other customer. I loved taking pictures!

However, due to life and work changes, I put down the camera for a long time.The camera was passed on to a nephew and for nearly twenty years I took only a few photos with disposable cameras.

Then I bought a cheap 4 MP digital camera. It had a plastic lens that didn't seem able to resolve even to the sensor's capabilities. And that teeny-tiny sensor wasn't absolutely parallel to the focal plane, resulting in things being just slightly out of focus on one side (or the top, if I was taking a vertical aspect shot). But it was my first camera in many years so I enjoyed it. It was what got me interested in digital photo processing and Photoshop.

With every new version of #PhotoshopCC and/or #LightroomCC – or a new/updated plugin- I like to see what I can do with some of my older photos. I try not to look too closely at the obvious flaws that were caused by the cheap camera, but rather look for ways to make something better out of those digital snapshots.

This is Canterbury Cathedral. Canterbury was just one stop on a bus tour that included Leeds Castle, Dover, Canterbury and a river cruise from Greenwich to Westminster. It also rained off and on all day long. That being the case, as is my habit, I have replaced the sky in this shot with one from somewhere else- probably somewhere near home; I don't remember.

I've done both color and monochrome versions of this one. I think I like the b/w one a bit better, but it's a close race between them. There was quite a bit of work getting the sky noisy enough (in the right way) to match the cathedral. I think that's why the b/w appeals to me a bit more.

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Old neon sign

In September 2014 I visited #LasVegas with some friends. We had a couple of nice dinners, saw a great show and visited the Neon Museum. I had been there before in daylight, but since that time they've got some of the old signs restored and lit up. A few of them are displayed in spots around town, but most of them are on the museum grounds.

This panorama was made from five handheld iPhone shots. There were colored lights going on and off during the time I was trying to get my shots, so it took a lot of work to even out the colors and lighting somewhat. There's a bunch of adjustment layers in #PhotoshopCC used to make what corrections were possible.

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Colorization Project Redux


I deleted the original post after deciding to do some cleanup of masks and adding a couple of adjustments. For one thing, the eyes were too bright and didn't have any natural color. Eye whites are not actually white, you know? And I fixed the eyelashes as well.

On Twitter I follow a couple of accounts that post old b/w photos, mainly of Hollywood stars of the past. This one didn't have any identification of who she was, but when I submitted it to Google's photo search, it correctly suggested that it was Hedy Lamarr.

I chose this photo to practice on because it was large enough that I could get some finicky details that would be harder just looking zoomed in on a small photo. I probably took way longer on it than more experienced people might take, but I'm satisfied with the result.

There are Selective Color adjustment layers for each element: skin, dress, eyes, lips & nails and hair. And one for the background. There was enough hair detail that the new Select and Mask feature in #PhotoshopCC came in very handy when selecting her hair. In addition, there is a Hue/Sat adjustment layer attached to each Selective Color layer because, in the end, it was just easier to tweak the hue and saturation levels that way once the base color was done as close as I could get it with Selective Color.

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A Beach, Early Evening

The sea is always restless.

Last week's trip to the beach in Pacifica presented some terrific colors and light. It wasn't quite late enough to be the golden hour yet, but the light was beginning to mellow from the brightness of mid-day.

I did help to empty the beach in #PhotoshopCC and #LightroomCC however, this is not a documentary photo. It is intended, as all art is, to evoke a feeling of some kind. It may be a sense of being there in the moment, or it may be the evocation of some buried memory, and often it is some unidentifiable feeling- a longing or a joy or a sadness or a deep satisfaction. We all respond according to our natures and our experiences.

Since I had to head home, when I view this I think, "Well, it was nice while my visit lasted."

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Early Evening At The Beach

A surprisingly un-busy beach.

Since I lack many opportunities to take satisfying photos, I always take a few shots when I visit the beach at Pacifica. I make it a regular side-trip from my weekly visits to San Bruno Mountain. The sun was at just the right angle to give the water a nice blue-green tint. It might have been even better an hour before, but I'll take this.

And speaking of San Bruno Mountain, I could see the Farallon Islands this week. When the weather offshore is clear, the rocky peaks of the islands can be clearly seen from up on the mountain. I'll take a better look next time I'm at Pacifica on a clear day and see if they're visible from sea level.

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St. Ludmila of Bohemia Chapel

Every house ought to have one.

This is a chapel in Prague Castle. There are several chapels within the castle, which is directly adjacent to St. Vitus Cathedral, which also has numerous chapels within. This is the Chapel of St. Ludmila of Bohemia, part of St. George's Basilica, a church founded around the year 900. The chapel is much newer, having been added in the 13th century.

OK. I know, right? There's camera shake and the focus is off, and . . . etc. See, my camera would only go to ISO 400, and that was noisy and pretty much useless. And because you can't use a tripod or flash in Prague Castle, you may get precious few decent pictures. So I took some shots hoping for something- anything.

This is a vertomrama (a vertical panorama) made from two handheld shots merged in #PhotoshopCC after some initial processing in #LightoomCC . The photos were taken with a Panasonic DMC-FZ30 camera in February 2008.

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Sweltering Heat

but not here.

"It's 108 degrees out here," is what my brother said when I answered the phone. "Ah," I said. "As we speak I'm on my way down the hill into Pacifica to visit the ocean."

"Lucky you," he said.

"It was fogged in at the tower site, so I thought it would be a good time to see what's at the beach" I said. When I arrived, I was still on the Bluetooth narrating the pleasantness to him while I scouted around for three or four shots. "It's a very pleasant 70 degrees, but breezy," I told him.

The water was translucent emerald green, a color I had never observed at Pacifica. Though, to be fair, I only recently began visiting on an semi-regular basis. I'm sure many summer days feature scenes like this. It was also later in the day than I'm prone to go there, so that probably added to the effect.

This is an iPhone shot that has been washed, dried and steam-pressed in #LightroomCC for vibrance, highlight and showdow adjustments, and in #PhotoshopCC with some adjustment layers to get the soft glow effect. It was done in a hurry to attach to an email, so there are obvious flaws to the attentive eye.

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A Turtle

A big one, too!

Inside the Forbidden City, April 2009.

The back lighting made this difficult. And my tour group was moving on, so . . . Maybe a return visit some day in better light?

#LightroomCC and #PhotoshopCC were utilized to create virtual copies that were adjusted to +1, normal and -1 exposures that were then taken into NIK HDR Effects Pro. I may still fiddle around with this some more, but for right now, my forehead is sore.

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