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St. Pauls Cathedral, London

An oft-taken shot of an iconic location.

This is the one good frame I shot on Thursday, 6th of May, 2004. The week had begun badly, with my cheap little camera having been accidentally set in close-up mode and losing an entire day of photos. Then it happened again on Thursday.

There is a lot of work done to bring out a picture this good from the original capture. The camera (that I have complained bitterly about so often) did its best, but its best wasn't very good. Cheap is as cheap does. Anyway, the advances in #Photoshop and #Lightroom technology, as well as the building up of my bad photo rescue skills have enabled me to revisit some older shots and drag them into presentability.

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A nice place to sit and contemplate.

It was Easter Sunday, 2009. We'd flown from Beijing to Xian where our first sightseeing stop was the Giant Goose Pagoda. There are peonies growing everywhere on the grounds surrounding, creating a very nice setting for the shrines, monuments and other sights encountered.

This pagoda is not the Giant Goose Pagoda, but is within the grounds. When I first saw it there were probably a dozen or so people lounging around and having a good time chatting inside. No one could blame them- it's a beautiful, restful place to sit for a while and talk with your companions.

The pagoda sits on a little rise, no more than six or eight feet high, overlooking the rest of the grounds. So when I went down below, I was able to shoot upwards through the peonies eliminating any people that might be inside the structure.

As throughout most of my China visit, the sky was a dull grey that occasionally would throw down some mist or spit a drop or two, and the air was quite hazy. Many things were slightly obscured, even at a close distance. And, you know, I can't leave a dull sky alone. If I remember correctly, the sky in the final product was from Oakland, California.

Anyway, here is my photo of "not-the_Giant-Goose-Pagoda-but-the-little-wooden-one-next-to-it." Enjoy!

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London 2005

How You Rescue A Photo.

I took some photos in July 2005 with my crummy little digital camera looking west from Tower Bridge. I fiddled around a bunch of times in Photoshop, but the quality of the pictures just wasn't very good.

I had an inspiration after seeing +Karen Hutton 's photo of a German castle that she had enhanced with textures and colors, so I went looking for something- anything- that I thought might work from my archives. I already had combined two shots into a panorama, but I re-did it from scratch before overlaying a couple of color-with-texture layers, and this is the result.

I kinda like it! Doubtless, I will go scrounging through my archives of awful pictures from that crummy little camera to see what else might be rescued.

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Hand-holding At

The Smithsonian
Air and Space Museum,
Washington Dulles International Airport

I visited Washington, D.C. with some friends back in October. It was a pretty full five days or so, with private guided tours to some locations and other tours booked at the White House and the Capitol.

If you've read many of my posts in the past, it may be understood that my camera is now nearly 10 year old technology. It wouldn't be that big a deal if it was a DSLR, but I'm not into changing lenses, so it isn't.

At the time it was released, the Panasonic Lumix DMC FZ30 was about as good as it got for a "bridge camera" – a DSLR-like body, great lens . . . and a tiny point-and-shoot sensor that pretty much maxes out ISO 200 – and that is pretty noisy. But that's the camera I have, until I win the lotto.

One of our stops was the Smithsonian Air and Space Museum at Washington Dulles International Airport. It's a big place that takes all day to tour, and there are still things you might miss out on. Fortunately, there's a McDonalds inside.

This panorama was created from three handheld shots that have proved the value of #Topaz plugins for #Photoshop . I began with some Adobe Camera Raw adjustments to even out the lighting on the plane. Also used were #TopazDenoise , #TopazDetail , and some other adjustment layers, including a copy of the smooth de-noised version that was further given about a 30 px. gaussian blur, then set to hard light blend mode. To top it all off was a levels adjustment layer masked to darken the foreground and background and make the plane stand out.

So, here it is with a lot to nitpick, maybe, but between the camera and my shaky hands, this is all you get! Enjoy!

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The Waterfowl Of Kensington Palace

Nice day for a paddle about the pond.
April 2006

As I constantly trawl through the archives for anything that might be a bit of fun to re-process, I occasionally come across something that I worked on back during the dark ages that inspires something new. And old- thus explaining the old-school #Photoshop border.

My original processing of this was so long ago, I couldn't begin to tell you what-all went into it. There was a little #Lightroom5 in this rendition, but mostly the border is new.

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Orford Ness Lighthouse

Orford, Suffolk, UK

I took, shall we say, a troubled photo. Underexposed, grainy, full of chroma noise. Yet I kind of liked it and always wished I had done a better job of it.

In the intervening years since the original JPEG capture (D'Oh!) #Photoshop , #Lightroom and various plugins have added marvelous capacity for rescuing what would otherwise be binned photos. I don't know about you, but I depend on that added capacity quite a bit.

This picture was run through Lightroom 5, then passed over to Photoshop CC as a smart object before applying #TopazDenoise , #TopazDetail5 and #TopazSimplify , in that order.

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The Watchers

They're so still, they look like statues!

So, at the factory where they make replicas of the Terracotta Warriors, there were these two standing on a porch, seemingly watching the tourists come and go. They really weren't very well situated, so I gave them this almost-square crop and a textured background (originally an off-white wall). The shadows of the Warriors and on the top and right edges of the frame are the result of adding an inner shadow to the texture layer with the Warriors and palm branches masked. The result gives some depth to the scene, and they don't look cut out. I like that!

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Garbage In, Garbage Out

Some things can't be 'fixed' in Photoshop!

Due to physical limitations the last three years, I've not taken many new photos. I try to keep up with +Project52-2012, but some weeks I barely squeak it in. I do, however spend a lot of time fiddling around with some of my old photos.

The two here are from a UK trip in 2005. My nephew and I took the bus tour that includes Leeds Castle, Dover (just the beach, unfortunately- I have yet to visit the castle and want to very much!) and Canterbury. All I owned at the time was a cheap Made In China camera with a plastic lens that had its own issues, a sensor that was slightly cocked so that there was a left-to-right focus shift, and internal processing that, well, to put it charitably, sucked.

Every now and again, usually with the release of a new version of Photoshop and/or Adobe Camera Raw, I go back to the 2005 folder and take a stab (insert Psycho music) at seeing what can be dragged kicking and screaming out of the poor things. Here are some of the results.

I may feature a few more before and after shots, since rescuing my bad photos seems to be one of my greater skills. But I thought I'd start with this.

I know the water in the before version is more realistic, but it's dull, dull, dull. Did I mention the water is dull? So I cranked up the Cayman Island colors. It is, after all, just attempted salvation of a doomed snapshot.

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In Album Before-N-After