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Mona Lisa And Friends

May 2004

Mona Lisa had only recently been returned to her place in Le Louvre Museum after a season of restoration. She was back, and everyone wanted to meet the famous lady, now ensconced behind UV protective glass to keep her from getting sunburned- or at least safe from the effects of flash photography.

It was so difficult to get up close an personal with the painting without getting up close and personal with the horde or tourists, all trying to get their own pictures of the famous smile. I opted to stand back and show the bigger scene instead. There are plenty of better pictures of Mona Lisa around than anything I could capture.

As fate smiled slightly upon me, just as I clicked my shutter someone up close fired their flash and illuminated the framed lady. At that same moment a pretty girl posed for her father to take a snapshot of their own visit.

Niow that is what a museum visit is all about!

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Twenty Minutes to Get Your Photo!

The bane of bus tours!

We literally had twenty minutes to get up close and personal with the Eiffel Tower. I took a few shots, but my best ones were actually from the bus window. This is a photomerge of two shots, with some cloning out of unsightly objects and people.

This was taken in the first week of May, 2004. In spite of how the sky looks, we were later hounded by a hailstorm- the very same one that had attacked us and left us damp for the rest of the day while we visited Stonehenge earlier in the week.

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Street Light in Paris

A modern one.

during a trip to London in May 2004, we went to Paris for lunch. Well, not exactly, but a day trip on the Eurostar did feature a pretty nice lunch there. Our group was given the drive-by tour of many sites that we wouldn't have time to visit, including some monuments, the Paris Opera, and so on. I got a fabulous twenty minutes at the Eiffel Tower before busing off to the Louvre Museum.

We were signed up for the later half of the Louvre tour, so we went across the river seeking lunch, and then walked about a bit, eventually making our way to the Notre Dame cathedral. On our way, we got smitten by the same !@#% hail storm that had soaked us to the skin at Stonehenge two days previous, getting only moderately dampened this time. Hail stings, you know.

We ended up having to catch a cab back to the Louvre to meet up with our group. Then after a too-quick-to-take-it-in tour, we boarded our bus back to the Gare du Nord station to catch the train back to London. On that leg of the trip I took several shots from our moving bus- although sometimes we were not moving, since it was rush hour.

This photo has always been a favorite of mine, in spite of the glaring flaws in the original capture. My camera at the time was little more than a toy with a plastic lens that couldn't resolve to the 5 MP of the sensor. Something else was that the focus plane was not quite parallel to the lens, making one side (or the top when framing vertically) always just out of focus.

The sky also was a dull grey mass. So here, I have swapped in a sky and made massive adjustments in Photoshop to bring about this version of this photo. Given all of the flaws, even at full resolution, I wouldn't print it larger than 8×10.

I'm also usually not a fan of frames and borders on photos displayed on the Internet, but this is an exception where I think the white border actually enhances the overall look and feel.

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Collection: A Short Day In Paris

We went to Paris for lunch on Wednesday.

This was 2004 The Chunnel (as it was nicknamed then) was only recently opened, and so we took a one day trip to Paris. We did indeed have lunch.

There aren't a lot of photos in this collection, but the ones here contain moments that I remember, and mostly enjoyed. I'd like to go back on a less rushed basis. Certainly more than just one day's worth of sightseeing.
A Short Day In Paris


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Paris At Rush Hour

Could be any big city, no?

The view down a side street from our bus as we headed back to Terminus Nord to catch the Eurostar. Not quite as congested as Beijing or Xian . . . or Shanghai. Maybe not as bad as London. But still, much in common with the experience of all urban commuters: stop and go traffic sucks no matter which side of the world you are on.

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*A Study In Motion"

Accidental, of course

Everything was in motion: The bus, other vehicles, the guy pushing the cart, the girl trying to shield her head from the rain- even the guy in the red jacket, who seems the most still thing in the frame.

There is something about this photo that I've liked since I first saw it on the tiny LCD on my camera. The colors, the motion blur, and the- mostly accidental- composition. (I did take this out of a moving bus window!)

This sort of symbolizes Paris at rush hour. And we were in the middle of it, on our way back to Terminus Nord to catch the Eurostar back to London.

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The Mona Lisa Room

Newly re-hung after restoration.

I didn't even try to get up close. The room was tighter than elbow-to-elbow on the other side of the barrier. I wasn't being overly mindful, and so accidentally captured a young girl being likewise captured by her dad.

And, you know, serendipity is your friend when at the moment I clicked my shutter, someone up close fired off their flash so you can actually see Mona Lisa behind her protective ultra-violet glass filter. I've heard that Ms. Mona . . . er, Lisa . . . er, the painting has been moved yet again. I wouldn't know, because I haven't been back to see for myself.

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The Louvre Museum

The day did seem that blue.

This, if you've spent several years in a cave or something, is the pyramid entrance to the Louvre. The building was once a French royal palace. but it's been in the possession of The People for a long, long time now.

It's not a great shot because the crummy camera I had just wasn't up to the challenge. The colors on the original JPEG were a bit wonky, and I don't have the heart to bang my head on it again. Maybe one day.

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