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A View From The Castle

Someone has looked out on this for nearly 900 years.

This is the River Avon viewed from Warwick Castle in April 2006.

The window was dirty and spotted with pigeon poop. My zoom was too wide, the horizon severely tilted. And this was before I knew any better and was shooting JPEG instead of RAW. What you see here is the upper left corner, about 1/5th of the original frame. You do the math. JPEG noise, dirty window, severe crop all equals high levels of color noise, artifacts and a lack of true detail. After processing, it takes on a bit of a painted look, and people have seemed to like it. I'll take that!

If I ever go back to Warwick Castle armed with experience and knowledge, I will frame this same view at full resolution. And maybe someone from Madame Tussaud's will clean the windows before then. Would be nice.

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Get Your Climb On!

Out of shape people should do some physical fitness preparation for a trip to China!

I didn't. I barely made it to the first level above where we started. People in their 70s and 80s were going all the way to the top. I wasn't fat, I wasn't unhealthy, I was just out of shape. D'Oh!

The original RAW file was kind of dark and very grainy. In trying to reduce noise and induce some sharpening of details, the result was a bit of a painted look. I further cropped down from the original file to this view, which will probably only ever be seen on the Internet, as it likely wouldn't print well above a 5×7 or so. At least it looks good here, no?

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St. Vitus Cathedral – Prague

A cold, hazy winter morning.

We had been given a whirlwind tour of Prague on a tour bus. We arrived at the cathedral/castle complex and there was still frost in the shadows. Peeking over some buildings before us rose the back lit spires of St. Vitus Cathedral. All in all, it was a spectacular sight- one that I would love to have another shot at.

There is lots of Topaz Detail and Topaz Adjust 5 in this- not to mention some hard light blending and texturizing.

Pardon me if you've seen this. I accidentally made the original post limited when it was posted for #SacredSunday and #TextureBlendPhotography a couple of weeks ago. I updated the original post to include +PaintIt Saturday, but the post remained limited. D'Oh! In any case, this is a new post for Public Consumption.

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