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Collection: A Short Day In Paris

We went to Paris for lunch on Wednesday.

This was 2004 The Chunnel (as it was nicknamed then) was only recently opened, and so we took a one day trip to Paris. We did indeed have lunch.

There aren't a lot of photos in this collection, but the ones here contain moments that I remember, and mostly enjoyed. I'd like to go back on a less rushed basis. Certainly more than just one day's worth of sightseeing.
A Short Day In Paris


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Notre Dame Cathedral

Didin't have time to go inside.

My friend and I were only booked for the latter half of the Louvre tour, so we went across the river and had some lunch, then strolled around the streets. And by "strolled," I mean that we got severely dampened by the same hail storm that had soaked us two days earlier at Stonehenge.

We did eventually make our way to Notre Dame, but it was (not unexpectedly in the middle of the day) throttled with tourists, and we had to catch a cab to meet our tour of the Louvre Museum.

This shot is a vertorama made from two handheld horizontal aspect shots. I haven't tried a re-do of this with a newer version of Photoshop's panorama stitching technology, but this is good enough that I don't think I need to.

As with some other photos in the "A Short Day In Paris" collection, it was uploaded long ago, but apparently never shared. Or a post might have been deleted for one reason or another. I don't know.

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