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Break From The Weather

St. Anton, Austria – February 2008

The temperature is supposed to get into the 90s (F) by this weekend here in the San Francisco Bay Area. So I thought I'd send a bit of chill out for relief.

You're looking down the mountain upon the village of St. Anton, Austria. I don't ski, but I was invited to join a group of skiers for the week. It's no trouble to ride the tram up and down.

Over the last eight years I have processed this photo several different ways. If you look at my photos, you may see more than one version of this, but I think this is the best so far. The difficulty is in trying to bring out the textures in the snow without making it look dirty. With #LightroomCC and #NIK #ColorEfexPro4 I was able to make the right compromises that enhanced what was available in the original raw file.

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Giant Goose Pagoda

Xian, China – April 2009

The day we visited the #GiantGoosePagoda in #Xian , the skies were a uniform grey. Most everything was dulled in the shadowless light. I had an idea that I would take a series of hand-held shots to make into a vertorama later, but . . . well, I missed a bit here and there and it didn't work out the way I envisioned. Here, then, is the "central" photo of the series.

This photo was processed in #Lightroom5 and #Nik #SilverEfexPro

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The Castle

The Summer Palace, Beijing – April 2009

On our first day in Beijing we were taken by bus to the Imperial Summer Palace. This is a large complex, bigger- I think- than the Forbidden City. It is situated beside a lake, and the surroundings are quite beautiful.

One interesting thing about this place: the lake is man-made- and the mountain upon which the castle sits was created from the soil and rocks that were dug out of the ground to create the lake. Now that's a landscape project!

There's another version of this photo in the China album, but I decided to take another run at it, since both Photoshop(CC) and its plugins are much improved in helpful technology since I did the previous one.

There were problems with the original raw file stemming primarily from the tiny sensor in the camera. That, and my marginal skills. D'Oh! Good thing I know a bit about #PhotoshopCC !

Used in this production were #TopazDenoise3 , #Nik #Viveza , and #TopazAdjust5 .

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The Buddha In Xian

He found a quiet place to meditate, I guess.

In the gardens surrounding the Giant Goose Pagoda in Xian, China, there are several nice settings where one can sit and meditate for a bit. Or take photos.

Processing was done starting with Lightroom 5, then Nik Viveza 2 followed by Nik Color Efex Pro 4. I may be starting to get the hang of these control point thingies.

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