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Mona Lisa And Friends

May 2004

Mona Lisa had only recently been returned to her place in Le Louvre Museum after a season of restoration. She was back, and everyone wanted to meet the famous lady, now ensconced behind UV protective glass to keep her from getting sunburned- or at least safe from the effects of flash photography.

It was so difficult to get up close an personal with the painting without getting up close and personal with the horde or tourists, all trying to get their own pictures of the famous smile. I opted to stand back and show the bigger scene instead. There are plenty of better pictures of Mona Lisa around than anything I could capture.

As fate smiled slightly upon me, just as I clicked my shutter someone up close fired their flash and illuminated the framed lady. At that same moment a pretty girl posed for her father to take a snapshot of their own visit.

Niow that is what a museum visit is all about!

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The Mona Lisa Room

Newly re-hung after restoration.

I didn't even try to get up close. The room was tighter than elbow-to-elbow on the other side of the barrier. I wasn't being overly mindful, and so accidentally captured a young girl being likewise captured by her dad.

And, you know, serendipity is your friend when at the moment I clicked my shutter, someone up close fired off their flash so you can actually see Mona Lisa behind her protective ultra-violet glass filter. I've heard that Ms. Mona . . . er, Lisa . . . er, the painting has been moved yet again. I wouldn't know, because I haven't been back to see for myself.

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