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Collection: A Short Day In Paris

We went to Paris for lunch on Wednesday.

This was 2004 The Chunnel (as it was nicknamed then) was only recently opened, and so we took a one day trip to Paris. We did indeed have lunch.

There aren't a lot of photos in this collection, but the ones here contain moments that I remember, and mostly enjoyed. I'd like to go back on a less rushed basis. Certainly more than just one day's worth of sightseeing.
A Short Day In Paris


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The Mona Lisa Room

Newly re-hung after restoration.

I didn't even try to get up close. The room was tighter than elbow-to-elbow on the other side of the barrier. I wasn't being overly mindful, and so accidentally captured a young girl being likewise captured by her dad.

And, you know, serendipity is your friend when at the moment I clicked my shutter, someone up close fired off their flash so you can actually see Mona Lisa behind her protective ultra-violet glass filter. I've heard that Ms. Mona . . . er, Lisa . . . er, the painting has been moved yet again. I wouldn't know, because I haven't been back to see for myself.

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The Louvre Museum

The day did seem that blue.

This, if you've spent several years in a cave or something, is the pyramid entrance to the Louvre. The building was once a French royal palace. but it's been in the possession of The People for a long, long time now.

It's not a great shot because the crummy camera I had just wasn't up to the challenge. The colors on the original JPEG were a bit wonky, and I don't have the heart to bang my head on it again. Maybe one day.

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Winged Victory Impression

I kinda like this plugin!

The original photo was taken with a 5MP camera with a plastic lens that wouldn't resolve more than about 2MP of picture. The results would always be marginal, often even in bright daylight where it did best.

On a whirlwind one-afternoon visit to Paris (Chunnel Train from London) in May of 2004, we got a tour of Le Louvre. It's way too short a visit to do more than scratch the surface of the enormous museum. Nevertheless I came away with two or three shots that I've processed over and over with each advance in post processing technology.

I'm playing around with the new #TopazImpression plugin from #TopazLabs , and while no plugin has the magic "un-suck" button I've always dreamed about, applied to the right picture Topaz Impression can assist in turning the ordinary into something that I'd gladly hang on my wall.

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