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County Hall & London Eye

I kind of wish one of those flags had been a Union Jack

Nostalgia can be either sentimentally pleasant or the source of a kind of pain. I don't mean the pain bad memories, but a longing that cannot be fulfilled. It's been almost ten years since I took this picture during my last visit to London. And it kind of hurts when I think about that. I really love London.

This week's events brought home a lot of feelings as images flooded the internet and streamed across my computer screen as I watched +BBC News live coverage in the aftermath of a senseless attack on innocent people. I have walked there. Right. There. I long to walk there again, and if I have that opportunity, I will stop for a moment to remember those whose lives were cut short by a madman.

These three frames were all taken around the same time on 5 May 2007. One is already in my Trips To England 2004-2007 collection. https://goo.gl/JDKrW7 but anything worth posting is worth posting twice, no?

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In Album 3/25/17

Old Stone And Shiny Metal

The old and the new mesh fairly well!

County Hall took eleven years to build and served as the headquarters of London government, the Greater London Council, from 1922 until 1986 when the GLC was abolished. Since then the building has been converted into hotel, museum and exhibition space.

The London Eye was conceived as a celebration of the New Millennium. It was supposed to be a temporary attraction, but it became such a hit with tourists and locals alike that it quickly gained a place among London's iconic sights.

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