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Lincoln's Second Inaugural Address

A note to our current political leaders.

During an October 2014 visit to Washington, D.C. we took a night trip to several of the famous monuments. I didn't get a lot of good photos, as my camera wasn't really up to the night-time task. Maybe one day I'll upgrade. After I win the lottery. Anyway, this is Abraham Lincoln's second inaugural address as engraved into the stone wall of the memorial edifice.

It is notably both short and eloquent, in a way that I doubt many modern politicians could dream- or dare. The primary subject was not Lincoln's agenda for his second term, nor complaints about Congress doing/not doing its job. Lincoln's address centered on the Civil War and its causes- and the underlying humanity on both sides of the conflict. (Read it for yourself.)

One might say that the current crop of would-be rulers in our Capitol should be forced to memorize not only the words of this address, but to comprehend the import of them, since so many of them claim to both know and fear God. But I suspect that that the majority of them would fail any test of understanding.

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