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A Storm Is Brewing

This is when things get interesting around the abbey!

Well, we did get rained on a little while we visited Battle and the abbey ruins, but the drops fell out of a featureless grey sky on that early May 2007 day.

The clouds I added to this photo are from a year and a month earlier, and from somewhere between Stratford-on-Avon and Oxford. I felt that the imposing ruins of the abbey deserved a bit more drama than was originally present so I borrowed some from the past.

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Across The Road From Wadhurst Station

A view from the bus. May 2007

The day we set out from London to visit Battle and the abbey ruins, the rail line was closed at Wadhurst for weekend maintenance. We were herded onto a bus that would wind through a series of towns and villages and eventually bring us to Battle. We chose to sit on the upper level, and as we waited I saw the lush green leaves across the road and took a few shots through the bus window.

This was processed with the #Lightroom5Beta . Problems with the original include a mild camera shake (not prominent at this resolution, thankfully) and substantial chroma noise in the original JPEG. Only after this trip did I realize the benefits of shooting RAW!

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