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A Man's Castle Is His Home

Or it's a conference center.

This is Leeds Castle, which is nowhere near the town of Leeds. It's near Maidstone, Kent, halfway between #London and Folkstone on the way to Dover.

I've visited there twice, in 2004 and 2005. Different seasons. In spite of the cloudy weather, this was early July 2005. Tuesday the 5th or Wednesday the 6th; I don't remember exactly. I lost a day on the trip to Stonehenge. Didn't even get pictures.

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Thatched Cottage

Leeds Castle, Maidstone, Kent, UK

I have always thought of this as a groundskeeper's or forester's cottage. I have no idea if that's correct. What it is, especially in the mid-to-late spring is a beautiful sight, easy to photograph. This shot is from the first week of May, 2004.

The camera I had was a cheap little thing that was ostensibly 5MP, but the plastic lens wasn't up to the task. For that reason, although I like the shot, it was difficult to process. This is just about the best you could get out of it.

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An English Summer Day

No! Really! This was July 6th, 2005!

On all of my trips to England, never have I gone totally without rain. No surprise there, eh? Interestingly, if you look up statistics, there is more rain on average in June and July than there is in April and May. Be that as it may, this view across the lake/moat at Leeds Castle has plenty going for it in the greenery and blooming flowers.

What's not going for the photo, much, is the crummy camera I had at the time. The exposure was dark, grainy full of chroma noise . . . but between Photoshop and a lot of head banging on filters, this is what we have. It can't be considered a portfolio piece, but it is a fond reminder of a nice time.

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