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View From A Castle

Take a deep breath.

This April 2006 photo was taken at Warwick Castle in England. Passing through an archway beneath the main walk up to the castle proper, a vista is presented looking out over the town and down upon the River Avon, the same as in Shakespeare fame.

There was a bit of cloning out of some railings and things in the foreground, and not until recently has the content aware technology been good enough to hide the removal of objects so nicely.

I keep thinking that I might like to go back some day specifically to re-shoot some of what were essentially snapshots while on a bus tour.

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The Fog Rolls In

The view from the mountain top.

Usually when the "marine layer" has rolled in there isn't much of a view from San Bruno Mountain, just south of San Francisco. This was one of the rare days when it was sunny, if breezy, at the top, and quite foggy down below. It was pea-soup about halfway up the hill, at the park entrance, to about 7/8 of the way to the peak. I don't mind. I'm one of the weird ducks that likes fog.

This is an iPhone panorama, and because of the breeze I was kind of shaky in my hand-held panning. I was very pleased at the result, though.

There is a bit of #LightroomCC adjustment, but minor overall. The sky has some streaks, probably due to my variable speed pan, but for an in-camera pano, not bad.

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A Canyon Drive

Del Puerto Canyon, to be exact!

I occasionally drive up and over Mount Hamilton from San Jose to Patterson- just to see the scenery. The highway, California Route 130, makes its way down into the San Antonio Valley, then turns east down through Del Puerto Canyon.

Every time I make the trip I am amazed at how near this mountainous terrain is to the San Francisco bay area. Our local weather prognosticators talk often about the "micro climates" of the bay area, but the truth behind the buzzwords is obscured until the sights are seen in person.

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Del Puerto Canyon

It's next to the Bay Area, anyway.

From July 2012

Del Puerto Canyon is between San Jose and the San Joaquin Valley on California State Highway 130, and so I decided it was still technically the Bay Area..

The landscape changes dramatically throughout the year as the winter greens everything up, and late spring begins the drying and browning of the grass. At times in winter or spring the rivulets rage like mighty rivers from the runoff as rain soaks the hillsides.

It is a sight to behold.

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In Album 2015-07-19

How Red Were My Leaves

The others were green with envy.

On our first afternoon in Xian, after visiting a Catholic church- it was Easter Sunday (see this post: http://goo.gl/4pUHW )- we were taken to the Giant Goose Pagoda. In the gardens was this little tree standing alone, surrounded by all the green shrubs and evergreen trees. It stood out, well, like a red tree among the green.

I took two shots, neither of which pleased me, but I combined them into a single frame with Photoshop's photomerge, then added a sky to replace the washed out grey. There are a few other adjustment layers, for example the concrete and rock in the lower right corner were too bright, so I brought down the levels and adjusted the color channels to get a natural looking tone.

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