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The Path To Happiness

Or to the other side of the village.

May 2007 – After having spent the afternoon touring the Battle Abbey ruins and fields, we headed back to the train station. There wouldn't be any trains because of weekend rail works, but there was a bus to take us back up to Wadhurst where we would get on a train back to London.

Across and a few yards down the road there was a gate that we stopped at for a few minutes. It was the kind of view that you could stand and gaze at for a long time. So many shades of green! And that path! It wold be tempting, and apparently allowable, to stride down the trail to see what's at the other end. But we had to get back to the station.

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A Setting Near Xian, China

The Terracotta Warriors Live Here!

After spending a couple of hours touring the excavations and viewing the Terracotta Army in their natural, if somewhat ruined habitat, I emerged back into the sunlight to observe this area on the grounds.

I have to tell you, the sky didn't look like this. And the mountains were barely visible through the haze. If you're a pixel peeper type, I urge you not to look too closely- unless you enjoy that kind of up-close visual torture. This photo has been processed into a kind of submission. There are many serious flaws to be seen. Just take in the scene and move along. Please!

OK. First came several layers of de-hazing in LightroomCC, followed by replacement of the dull blue-brown cloudless sky with this one from California. There was also some cloning out of people in the foreground. All in all, there are maybe two hours of labor invested in getting to this state.

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Del Puerto Canyon

19 March 2016

A pleasant El Niño Day

Even if this winter was better than several previous ones, we are still in drought conditions in California. There are no guarantees that one half-decent season of life-giving rain and snow means that next year would be a return to normal. All guesses seem to be that drought and water conservation are the new normal in an environment that has nearly always had plenty of water to go around.

Every couple of years I take a drive one direction or the other up and over Mount Hamilton. If I go from the nearest side, I end up driving down into the San Antonio Valley, then down Del Puerto Canyon into the San Joaquin Valley. It's a several-hour drive, and the worst of it is that where the views are most beautiful and attractive, there is no place to pull over to take photos.

The original capture was on my iPhone 6S+, and processing was done on my LG Gpad 8.0 in #PhotoshopExpress

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How Red Were My Leaves

The others were green with envy.

On our first afternoon in Xian, after visiting a Catholic church- it was Easter Sunday (see this post: http://goo.gl/4pUHW )- we were taken to the Giant Goose Pagoda. In the gardens was this little tree standing alone, surrounded by all the green shrubs and evergreen trees. It stood out, well, like a red tree among the green.

I took two shots, neither of which pleased me, but I combined them into a single frame with Photoshop's photomerge, then added a sky to replace the washed out grey. There are a few other adjustment layers, for example the concrete and rock in the lower right corner were too bright, so I brought down the levels and adjusted the color channels to get a natural looking tone.

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Del Puerto Canyon

With a borrowed sky . . .

Another hand held HDR from two iPhone shots. This one took some fixing, I'll tell ya! In the majority of the frame it doesn't matter, and now that I'm typing this, I want to bang my head on the desk real hard, because all the work I did really wasn't necessary. D'Oh!

One shot was for the sky (since abandoned) and the other is mostly what you see. The problem with the sky (besides noise) was ghosting that wasn't going to be dealt with. The wind was blowing, so in that wedgey-looking area in the center of the frame there were major ghost branches from the dark shot that I slaved over trying to get rid of them. Then I didn't like the finished sky result and replaced it anyway. I could have saved myself an hour or so of sore forehead by just tone mapping the lighter frame and replacing the sky in that. Double D'Oh!

Well, what's done is done, and I kind of like it, although a 'real' camera on a tripod making genuinely bracketed shots would have been nice. But, that wind. I don't know . . .

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Late Afternoon Sun

Location scouting . . .

I needed to run away get out and about for a bit. I wasn't sure where I was going, but I drove south thinking I might drop into Fry's Electronics, but they close early on Sundays. Then I thought maybe I'd do a loop around San Francisco Bay, or maybe drive up Skyline Drive on the peninsula. It didn't matter. I had my iPhone but not my 'real' camera. That didn't matter either. Eventually I decided to drive up and over Mt. Hamilton, past the James Lick Observatory and out to The Big Valley.

It's not a long trip, as the crow flies, but no crow ever flew this crooked road, so it's a long trip after all. For most of the journey the light was too 'mid-day' so I didn't stop to take any pictures. But once I'd gone over the mountain into the San Antonio Valley, I thought there might be a chance- at least some place to make a return trip later with the other camera and tripod. So when I reached the intersection of San Antonio Valley Road with Del Puerto Canyon road, I turned right. Sure enough, as I descended toward the San Joaquin Valley, I began to see interesting light hitting interesting landscapes. I stopped and took a few shots- even a couple of hand held exposures that I thought I might be able to do some HDR with. Thus, you see the shadows and the sunlit hills and sky above. Not fantastic, but for iPhone snaps hand held, it worked out pretty well. (I did have to sort of re-create the sky, though. Waaaaay too noisy.)

I'll go back with the 'real' camera and tripod before long. I think there's some good shots to be had around here.

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