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The Queen Lived Here

But not while she was Queen.

This statue of Queen Victoria stands in the garden outside of Kensington Palace. It was sculpted by her own daughter, Princess Louise, Duchess of Argyle. Here was a royal daughter who took her art seriously enough to produce a lasting monument to her mother.

Apparently there has been some yard work done in the last ten years, as there is now a small octagonal pool around the foot of the statue, and the area looks (in recent available photos) to be much more cleanly landscaped than in this photo from April, 2006.

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The Waterfowl Of Kensington Palace

Nice day for a paddle about the pond.
April 2006

As I constantly trawl through the archives for anything that might be a bit of fun to re-process, I occasionally come across something that I worked on back during the dark ages that inspires something new. And old- thus explaining the old-school #Photoshop border.

My original processing of this was so long ago, I couldn't begin to tell you what-all went into it. There was a little #Lightroom5 in this rendition, but mostly the border is new.

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