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Mona Lisa And Friends

May 2004

Mona Lisa had only recently been returned to her place in Le Louvre Museum after a season of restoration. She was back, and everyone wanted to meet the famous lady, now ensconced behind UV protective glass to keep her from getting sunburned- or at least safe from the effects of flash photography.

It was so difficult to get up close an personal with the painting without getting up close and personal with the horde or tourists, all trying to get their own pictures of the famous smile. I opted to stand back and show the bigger scene instead. There are plenty of better pictures of Mona Lisa around than anything I could capture.

As fate smiled slightly upon me, just as I clicked my shutter someone up close fired their flash and illuminated the framed lady. At that same moment a pretty girl posed for her father to take a snapshot of their own visit.

Niow that is what a museum visit is all about!

This is for the #joinindaily theme curated by +Johnny Wills​ and open to anyone who wants to post ONE photo for any of the daily themes as posted by Johnny. Today's theme is "Photographers."

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The River Avon

Yes. that Avon.

This was shot through a rather dirty window in Warwick Castle. It is really just a fifth or so of the original frame, and what I should have shot in the whole frame if I'd been paying attention. (Do you notice a theme to my posts?)

The original was a JPEG because I didn't understand the value or raw files at the time. Shortly after this trip (April 2006), when trying to edit/post-produce my photos, it all became clear. D'Oh!

This is for the #joinindaily theme curated by +Johnny Wills and open to anyone who wants to post ONE photo for any of the daily themes as posted by Johnny. Today's theme is "Rivers Or Streams"

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Trams Waiting

Prague's rail system.

This photo is also in my Prague – February 2008 collection: https://goo.gl/d1j4Sw

My friends and I had just made our way down from the Prague Castle and St. Vitus Cathedral area, and we were very hungry. But there was this scene that needed capturing. They kept moving, but I stopped for a couple of minutes to get a shot.

When you're strictly a tourist and part of a group, you have to keep up with them. You don't always have the choice of hanging out and waiting for your shot to appear. So I lifted my camera to my eye and framed a shot, not paying proper attention. If I'd waited just two beats, the two women might have been at the rule of thirds, perhaps, or hitting a golden sprial nexus, or . . . or . . . but I was in a hurry, so, "Snap!*

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🎵 Country Roads, Take Me Home . . . 🎵

Or to Wadhurst.

From the bus window as we waited to leave the Wadhurst rail station, the greens and whites and browns across the road called to me and said, "Take our picture!" So I did.

We were on a bus because there were weekend rail works happening on the way to Battle, the site of the Battle of Hastings in 1066. It turned out to be an interesting ride– about 50 miles an hour on a narrow road, on the "wrong" side of the road (I'm American, you see). And of course we had opted to sit on the upper level of a double-decker, branches sweeping the windows as we raced by.

We did get views of some of the towns along the way that we might have missed on the train. For example, we crossed an intersection in Robertsbridge with the naughty sounding name of Poppinghole Lane. Later, I discovered that Paul McCartney actually wrote a ditty about that street.

Anyway, this is for the #joinindaily theme, which today is "The Beautiful Countryside." +Johnny Wills is the theme curator.

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A Light At The End of The Tunnel

And it isn't a train!

This tunnel is located on US Route 16A near Mount Rushmore. In fact, even though this photo wouldn't prove it, you can see Washington, Jefferson, Roosevelt and Lincoln out of that bright portal.

The highway is narrow, but not as narrow as the tunnel. Many people never make their way to this spot because tour buses are wider than the tunnel! Our little group of four had a private guide for the day, so we got to see it.

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Find It Where You Can!

Reflections In Water.

An archive photo shot, but not used, for the #2012project52 group theme, and now repurposed for another theme, which today is "reflections in water."

I was running late on my weekly 2012Projec52 entry so options were naturally limited. This was hurriedly captured in the car park outside of work. (It says something about where I worked, no? I think that pothole is still there!)

Anyway, thanks to +Johnny Wills who curates the #joinindaily theme. It's a fun, casual theme that you can toss your photos into when and if you want to. Now that's my kind of theme!


St. Joseph

Park 'n Pray

This little shrine is literally in a small car park adjacent to the Mission San Jose in Fremont, California. It's in good condition except for needing a bit of clean up and for the fountain to be working. No idea if it is something of recent origin or has a historical significance. (I didn't get out of my car to read the plaque!)

Photo from 2012

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