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The Golden Gate

Evening comes on slowly.

This is kind of experimental for me. I've been limited in my ability to get out and about with my camera for around three years. (That explains why most of my posts are from the archives.) But last week I had a pretty good day and felt confident that I could un-hook the leash from . . . home for a few hours, which allowed me to get all the way over to San Francisco.

I had an inkling of this particular view that I got from a newspaper blog that featured photos of snow in San Francisco in 1976. I remember that occasion well- snow down to sea level, a rare event around here! One of the photos was of a view similar to this, but perhaps with more of the Marin Headlands, and the caption said that it was taken near the Palace of The Legion of Honor. My vantage point was from just below the PLH on a path that winds through the Lincoln Park golf course.

My current prescription lenses are not exactly camera friendly, so of all the shots I took, a fair number of them were out of focus. I'll have to remember to take my 3X reading lenses with me next time. The other problem is that my camera (Panasonic FZ30) will only bracket JPEGs. And, by current technological standards, the sensor is quite noisy when the light is dimming. Nevertheless, I did capture a couple of 1 -1 +1 brackets.

After detail processing in Lightroom, the trio of shots was sent to HDR Pro in Photoshop. Once the HDR part was done, several adjustment layers aided in getting what is shown here, with the sky from original -1 frame masked in and set to around 50% opacity.

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Del Puerto Canyon

With a borrowed sky . . .

Another hand held HDR from two iPhone shots. This one took some fixing, I'll tell ya! In the majority of the frame it doesn't matter, and now that I'm typing this, I want to bang my head on the desk real hard, because all the work I did really wasn't necessary. D'Oh!

One shot was for the sky (since abandoned) and the other is mostly what you see. The problem with the sky (besides noise) was ghosting that wasn't going to be dealt with. The wind was blowing, so in that wedgey-looking area in the center of the frame there were major ghost branches from the dark shot that I slaved over trying to get rid of them. Then I didn't like the finished sky result and replaced it anyway. I could have saved myself an hour or so of sore forehead by just tone mapping the lighter frame and replacing the sky in that. Double D'Oh!

Well, what's done is done, and I kind of like it, although a 'real' camera on a tripod making genuinely bracketed shots would have been nice. But, that wind. I don't know . . .

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Late Afternoon Sun

Location scouting . . .

I needed to run away get out and about for a bit. I wasn't sure where I was going, but I drove south thinking I might drop into Fry's Electronics, but they close early on Sundays. Then I thought maybe I'd do a loop around San Francisco Bay, or maybe drive up Skyline Drive on the peninsula. It didn't matter. I had my iPhone but not my 'real' camera. That didn't matter either. Eventually I decided to drive up and over Mt. Hamilton, past the James Lick Observatory and out to The Big Valley.

It's not a long trip, as the crow flies, but no crow ever flew this crooked road, so it's a long trip after all. For most of the journey the light was too 'mid-day' so I didn't stop to take any pictures. But once I'd gone over the mountain into the San Antonio Valley, I thought there might be a chance- at least some place to make a return trip later with the other camera and tripod. So when I reached the intersection of San Antonio Valley Road with Del Puerto Canyon road, I turned right. Sure enough, as I descended toward the San Joaquin Valley, I began to see interesting light hitting interesting landscapes. I stopped and took a few shots- even a couple of hand held exposures that I thought I might be able to do some HDR with. Thus, you see the shadows and the sunlit hills and sky above. Not fantastic, but for iPhone snaps hand held, it worked out pretty well. (I did have to sort of re-create the sky, though. Waaaaay too noisy.)

I'll go back with the 'real' camera and tripod before long. I think there's some good shots to be had around here.

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