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Giant Goose Pagoda

Xian, China – April 2009

The day we visited the #GiantGoosePagoda in #Xian , the skies were a uniform grey. Most everything was dulled in the shadowless light. I had an idea that I would take a series of hand-held shots to make into a vertorama later, but . . . well, I missed a bit here and there and it didn't work out the way I envisioned. Here, then, is the "central" photo of the series.

This photo was processed in #Lightroom5 and #Nik #SilverEfexPro

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Giant Goose Pagoda

Hazy day in Xian.

I posted a photo of a garden gazebo/pagoda the other day that is located in the grounds of this structure. This is probably by far my best shot of it, but that ain't saying much, I'm sure.

This photo was captured on Easter Sunday 2009, after after brief unscheduled visit to a Catholic church (http://goo.gl/TmHzVa), and I think before lunch. It might have been after lunch.

There's some #TopazDenoise3 , #TopazDetail5 and a bit of other adjustments in this, all required to rescue a noisy photo from oblivion.

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Memories of China

An all-too-brief tour adventure.

A few days ago I posted a version of this photo, that when I saw it online, something just didn't seem right about it. After staring at it a bit I realized that I hadn't straightened it up. The pagoda was leaning just enough to be off-putting. So I deleted that post and now present a slightly altered version. Straight, at least, if not otherwise better!

I was inspired to dive into my #China catalogue from 2009 after seeing a post by +Hervé BRY featuring photos from two trips to China that he had taken.

I participated with a tour group sponsored by the Oakland (California) Chamber of Commerce that spent a week or so in China in April 2009. I came home calling it The Tourist Death March because of the daily pace we kept. Actually it wasn't as bad as that sounds, but I would have liked to spend more time at most of the places we visited. Next time, eh?

This is in the grounds of the #GiantGoosePagoda in #Xian , but it is not the Giant Goose Pagoda itself. I'm not sure if I can come up with a decent photo of the Giant Goose Pagoda. The time constraints of being part of a bus tour means that you have limited time to come up with interesting compositions, so you get what you get and work with it.

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The unofficial national flower of China.

Continuing my #China catalogue diving. I don't think this photo has ever been posted anywhere, so I thought I'd give it a run through the processing wringer and see what came out. Used to achieve this result were #TopazDenoise3 , #TopazDetail5 and #TopazAdjust5 .

Peonies are grown in different ways from small shrubs to large tree-like plants. Blooms range from a couple of inches in diameter to six or eight inches, depending on how they are cultivated. This was probably in the four or five inch range.

The gardens surrounding the Giant Goose Pagoda in #Xian , China would be a peony lover's delight. They seemed to be everywhere, and April is apparently a great month to catch peonies in bloom.

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The Buddha In Xian

He found a quiet place to meditate, I guess.

In the gardens surrounding the Giant Goose Pagoda in Xian, China, there are several nice settings where one can sit and meditate for a bit. Or take photos.

Processing was done starting with Lightroom 5, then Nik Viveza 2 followed by Nik Color Efex Pro 4. I may be starting to get the hang of these control point thingies.

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How Red Were My Leaves

The others were green with envy.

On our first afternoon in Xian, after visiting a Catholic church- it was Easter Sunday (see this post: http://goo.gl/4pUHW )- we were taken to the Giant Goose Pagoda. In the gardens was this little tree standing alone, surrounded by all the green shrubs and evergreen trees. It stood out, well, like a red tree among the green.

I took two shots, neither of which pleased me, but I combined them into a single frame with Photoshop's photomerge, then added a sky to replace the washed out grey. There are a few other adjustment layers, for example the concrete and rock in the lower right corner were too bright, so I brought down the levels and adjusted the color channels to get a natural looking tone.

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