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A Turtle

A big one, too!

Inside the Forbidden City, April 2009.

The back lighting made this difficult. And my tour group was moving on, so . . . Maybe a return visit some day in better light?

#LightroomCC and #PhotoshopCC were utilized to create virtual copies that were adjusted to +1, normal and -1 exposures that were then taken into NIK HDR Effects Pro. I may still fiddle around with this some more, but for right now, my forehead is sore.

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The Emperor's Happy Place

A quiet walk in the private garden could be . . . er, romantic?

Forbidden City, Beijing – April 2009.
Near the end of a long afternoon touring the Forbidden City, one of the final areas you will pass through is the Emperor's private gardens. It is not uncommon to find man-made 'rocks' in Chinese gardens, but not all of them (no others that I saw) have such obvious characteristics. One can easily imagine the significance of this item standing amongst the trees as the Emperor escorts his wife or one of his concubines on a pleasant afternoon stroll. Ah nature. It's so, uh, stimulating, isn't it?

There wasn't room to stand back from this sight, so I took photos of the top and bottom sections and combined them with Photoshop's photomerge. There is also some HDR toning and a couple of other adjustment layers to separate the subject from the background.

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