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The Fog Rolls In

The view from the mountain top.

Usually when the "marine layer" has rolled in there isn't much of a view from San Bruno Mountain, just south of San Francisco. This was one of the rare days when it was sunny, if breezy, at the top, and quite foggy down below. It was pea-soup about halfway up the hill, at the park entrance, to about 7/8 of the way to the peak. I don't mind. I'm one of the weird ducks that likes fog.

This is an iPhone panorama, and because of the breeze I was kind of shaky in my hand-held panning. I was very pleased at the result, though.

There is a bit of #LightroomCC adjustment, but minor overall. The sky has some streaks, probably due to my variable speed pan, but for an in-camera pano, not bad.

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