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The Capitol

Beneath the scaffolding.

During our Washington D.C. visit in October, we spent a couple of hours in the Newseum, a museum dedicated to the news media and their history. One of the nicest parts for me, though, was a trip outside a few floors up, where from the balcony you have some nice panoramic views of Washington.

The Capitol is being repaired and refurbished- and thus the scaffolding. The cast iron supports in the dome are being gone over "with a fine tooth comb" and repaired or replaced as needed. A hundred-fifty years, and there's a bit of rust and decay.

Production of this photo was done entirely in #LightroomCC and exported as JPEG for the web. Once again, though, it's sort of done in by the Panasonic FZ30 camera's small sensor, so noise cleanup does result in some loss of detail. I'm mostly satisfied, for what it is.

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George Washington Rode Here

His personal coach at Mount Vernon

One of our days during a week-long trip to Washington D.C. last October was spent primarily visiting Mount Vernon, George Washington's plantation home. It was a rainy day, but the place was nevertheless crawling with tourists. There really aren't that many decent photos to be taken with so many people in the way. Your best bet is to take pictures of members of your group in context and just buy a decent photo book at the visitor's center.

I did manage a couple of shots with the built-in flash while peering into the carriage house. This is kind of a panorama. Two photos stitched, but still cropped down to 16×9. Standing in the doorway, you're too close for a single shot, and stepping back gains you nothing. I took two hand-held shots that were merged in #Lightroom6 where I also added a couple of radial filters to even out the lighting from the flash. No third party filters were used.

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Space Shuttle Discovery

Steven F. Udvar-Hazy Center
Smithsonian Air and Space Museum
Chantilly, Virginia

Our little group spent a day wandering around this place. This shot has its flaws, most especially camera shake, but at this size it looks decent enough, I guess. I used the method #Topaz gave a bit of publicity last week, using a high pass filter and #TopazDenoise to sharpen a noisy photo, and it also helped to disguise some of the camera shake, if you don't look too closely.

I also clone-stamped a couple of people out of the scene, as their presence didn't advance the story in the photo. Also used were #Lightroom5 and Adobe Camera Raw as a filter in #PhotoshopCC . For all the improvements, I still had to do size reduction to hide the very apparent problems- even if you know about them now for having read this far!

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Not sure to whom, though.

I've posted a version of this before. When on a tour bus, one does not always get the choice of angles and composition that might be preferred. This is one of those shots- somewhere between Xian, China, and the Terracotta Soldiers excavation site and museum the bus drove around this under-construction monument. Just before turning right and away, I managed to fire off one shot.

This particular version is a composite. The original sky was empty and sort of a blue-grey-brown. The previous upload of this (http://goo.gl/WDOaAs) used a texture to disguise the plainness of the sky, but this time I thought I'd give it something more interesting from my growing collection of sky shots.

Used in this production were #Lightroom5 , #PhotoshopCC2014 , #TopazDenoise , #TopazDetail and #TopazRestyle .

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Late Afternoon In Prague

I'd love to visit again.

Another shot from a short visit in February 2008. There seems to be nowhere in the city that a photographer can't frame some kind of shot. The bigger problem is choosing from so many great compositions.

Processing included #TopazDenoise #TopazDetail #TopazRemask , and #TopazAdjust in #PhotoshopCC2014

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Morning Sunlight In Prague

It was very cold that morning!

It was cold. The February 2008 early morning tour bus raced us past several sites as our guide pointed them out, but without stopping. It was just as well, since we were still half asleep and no one had much desire get out and play slip-and-slide on the frosty pavement visible through the windows.

Our ultimate goal was the castle and cathedral complex that overlooks the city. Once out of the bus, we could see frost still putting up a brave fight in the shadows, but there were places where the morning sun seemed to be winning. This was one of the first buildings I remember seeing as we walked from the main street toward St. Vitus cathedral. Doubtless it is some kind of government offices or official residence, but the cold temperature kept much information from sticking to my brain. Nice place, though!

Used to process this photo were #PhotoshopCC2014 #TopazDenoise and #TopazAdjust

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Afternoon In Prague

View from a tower.

This is from February 2008 on a brief three day visit to Prague. The view is from the tower at the east end of Charles Bridge.

I really can't describe my delight at having to climb more stone stairs after a day of walking and touring. No! Really! I can't! It was worth it, however, for the views you can't get at ground level.

Processed with #Lightroom5 #TopazAdjust and #PhotoshopCC2014

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