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More Colorization

Not as good, though!

If you recall the Hedy Lamarr colorized photo that I posted a couple of months ago, most people seemed to think it was a pretty good job. This one, not so much- and that's my opinion as well.

Good colorization requires a decently high quality photo to start with, and this one was a bit troubled. First, it was too small, really, but I put my best effort into it. Second, the source was too contrasty and the shadows were quite noisy. It was hard to get the skin looking realistic, given those conditions.

Nevertheless, unless someone looks for the flaws, I think that, considering the source material, this turned out about as good as it could get.

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Colorization Project Redux


I deleted the original post after deciding to do some cleanup of masks and adding a couple of adjustments. For one thing, the eyes were too bright and didn't have any natural color. Eye whites are not actually white, you know? And I fixed the eyelashes as well.

On Twitter I follow a couple of accounts that post old b/w photos, mainly of Hollywood stars of the past. This one didn't have any identification of who she was, but when I submitted it to Google's photo search, it correctly suggested that it was Hedy Lamarr.

I chose this photo to practice on because it was large enough that I could get some finicky details that would be harder just looking zoomed in on a small photo. I probably took way longer on it than more experienced people might take, but I'm satisfied with the result.

There are Selective Color adjustment layers for each element: skin, dress, eyes, lips & nails and hair. And one for the background. There was enough hair detail that the new Select and Mask feature in #PhotoshopCC came in very handy when selecting her hair. In addition, there is a Hue/Sat adjustment layer attached to each Selective Color layer because, in the end, it was just easier to tweak the hue and saturation levels that way once the base color was done as close as I could get it with Selective Color.

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