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St. Ludmila of Bohemia Chapel

Every house ought to have one.

This is a chapel in Prague Castle. There are several chapels within the castle, which is directly adjacent to St. Vitus Cathedral, which also has numerous chapels within. This is the Chapel of St. Ludmila of Bohemia, part of St. George's Basilica, a church founded around the year 900. The chapel is much newer, having been added in the 13th century.

OK. I know, right? There's camera shake and the focus is off, and . . . etc. See, my camera would only go to ISO 400, and that was noisy and pretty much useless. And because you can't use a tripod or flash in Prague Castle, you may get precious few decent pictures. So I took some shots hoping for something- anything.

This is a vertomrama (a vertical panorama) made from two handheld shots merged in #PhotoshopCC after some initial processing in #LightoomCC . The photos were taken with a Panasonic DMC-FZ30 camera in February 2008.

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