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St. Pauls Cathedral, London

An oft-taken shot of an iconic location.

This is the one good frame I shot on Thursday, 6th of May, 2004. The week had begun badly, with my cheap little camera having been accidentally set in close-up mode and losing an entire day of photos. Then it happened again on Thursday.

There is a lot of work done to bring out a picture this good from the original capture. The camera (that I have complained bitterly about so often) did its best, but its best wasn't very good. Cheap is as cheap does. Anyway, the advances in #Photoshop and #Lightroom technology, as well as the building up of my bad photo rescue skills have enabled me to revisit some older shots and drag them into presentability.

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Archive Diving

Reworking old photos>

I bought my first SLR film camera in 1979. It was a Minolta SRT-201. Over the next three years or so I ran more film through the local drug store photo counter than any other customer. I loved taking pictures!

However, due to life and work changes, I put down the camera for a long time.The camera was passed on to a nephew and for nearly twenty years I took only a few photos with disposable cameras.

Then I bought a cheap 4 MP digital camera. It had a plastic lens that didn't seem able to resolve even to the sensor's capabilities. And that teeny-tiny sensor wasn't absolutely parallel to the focal plane, resulting in things being just slightly out of focus on one side (or the top, if I was taking a vertical aspect shot). But it was my first camera in many years so I enjoyed it. It was what got me interested in digital photo processing and Photoshop.

With every new version of #PhotoshopCC and/or #LightroomCC – or a new/updated plugin- I like to see what I can do with some of my older photos. I try not to look too closely at the obvious flaws that were caused by the cheap camera, but rather look for ways to make something better out of those digital snapshots.

This is Canterbury Cathedral. Canterbury was just one stop on a bus tour that included Leeds Castle, Dover, Canterbury and a river cruise from Greenwich to Westminster. It also rained off and on all day long. That being the case, as is my habit, I have replaced the sky in this shot with one from somewhere else- probably somewhere near home; I don't remember.

I've done both color and monochrome versions of this one. I think I like the b/w one a bit better, but it's a close race between them. There was quite a bit of work getting the sky noisy enough (in the right way) to match the cathedral. I think that's why the b/w appeals to me a bit more.

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In Album 2016-08-06

Westminster Abbey

Rescued photo.

I am not presenting this as an example of good photography by any measure. In fact, it was from a day of disappointment, May 1, 2004. See, there was this switch on my crummy little camera that set the focal length to either close up or infinity which, in the process of putting the camera into its case or removing it, could snag and switch settings.

The camera was set on close up all day, and the LCD on the camera was so small, I didn't see that my shots were out of focus. It wasn't until seeing the photos on my laptop in the evening that I discovered what was wrong. It happened again later in the week. D'Oh!

Sometimes you get what you get– but what are you going to do with what you get? You may not always end up with something you're willing to show publicly, but you may still learn some things along the way that will increase your frequency of success, and perhaps on occasion allow you to rescue your mistakes in a way that others won't know how badly you screwed up!

I've learned to enjoy what I can, mistakes and all.
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Canterbury Cathedral

July 2005

The size of Canterbury Cathedral is small compared to either Westminster Abbey or St. Paul's. Larger, if I remember correctly, than Salisbury Cathedral. Each has its own distinctive features that make a visit worthwhile. I would like to spend a month or more touring all the cathedrals of England.

The camera I used to take this photo was cheap and poor quality- jpeg only. So after the fact (and many times since 2005) you do what you can to rescue a picture that could have been better. Of all the renditions of this shot, I think I like this best. I have learned a few tricks in Photoshop and Lightroom that help.

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St. Vitus Cathedral – Prague

One of those "must visit" places!

In February 2008, I visited Prague for a couple of days after spending a week in Austria. I don't ski, but when offered a mostly free trip to the Alps in winter, one does not say, "Oh, no thanks," although the reason I was invited was because several people did say that! Anyway, Prague happened to be a two day extension on the trip for those who paid the penalty fee.

The first morning in Prague we were taken on a guided tour. It was icy cold, even if sunny. There really was still some frost in the shadowed areas once we got off the tour bus at the cathedral and castle area. One definitely wanted to say in the sun most of the time.

St. Vitus Cathedral is one of the major landmarks of Prague. It is a fairly enormous structure on a hill overlooking most of the Prague metro. One cannot overstate the impressive nature of the ornate details on the outside of the building, and once inside (which we had to wait for until day two because our first day was Sunday), the impression is stronger and deeper.

The photo was processed in #PhotoshopCC using #TopazDenoise3 , #TopazDetail5 and #TopazBW_Effects2 .

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Lifting Our Hearts To The Heavens

At least that's what cathedral design is trying to teach us.

On a cold, clear morning in February 2008 our tour bus dropped us off near an entrance to the Prague Castle and St. Vitus Cathedral complex. The cathedral was closed to tourists, it being Sunday– and it is a place of worship. We had to satisfy our immediate desires by viewing the magnificent edifice from the outside only. A return visit the next day was required to go within, as well as to tour the castle next door.

This is a two frame vertorama, an almost accidental one. I took a bunch of handheld frames with a panorama in mind, but there is not enough room on this side to accomplish the goal. But, as I was reviewing the Prague collection, I thought a certain pair might work out for something. After a couple of tries, I got this– certainly not perfect, but satisfying nevertheless.

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