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Warwick Castle

April 2006

Of the stops on our day-long bus tour, this was the longest and, possibly, most interesting. The castle has an interesting history all around, but its recent history is almost as fascinating as the ancient bit.

It seems that the owner got into some difficulty over gambling debts and had to sell. The castle is now owned by Madame Tussaud's, of wax figure fame, which itself is owned by an entertainment conglomerate. In all fairness, there are only a handful of wax figures placed in suitably educational spots.

It is well worth the afternoon, or perhaps a full day visit. Even though it was April, it was also a school holiday week and the place was teeming with families and kids. The abundant educational exhibits and live demonstrations provided plenty of things to see and do. I highly recommend a visit.

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Thatched Cottage

Leeds Castle, Maidstone, Kent, UK

I have always thought of this as a groundskeeper's or forester's cottage. I have no idea if that's correct. What it is, especially in the mid-to-late spring is a beautiful sight, easy to photograph. This shot is from the first week of May, 2004.

The camera I had was a cheap little thing that was ostensibly 5MP, but the plastic lens wasn't up to the task. For that reason, although I like the shot, it was difficult to process. This is just about the best you could get out of it.

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The Castle

The Summer Palace, Beijing – April 2009

On our first day in Beijing we were taken by bus to the Imperial Summer Palace. This is a quite large complex, bigger- I think- than the Forbidden City. It is situated beside a lake, and the surroundings are quite beautiful.

One interesting thing about this place: the lake is man-made and the hill upon which the castle sits was created from the soil and rocks that were dug out of the ground to create the lake. Now that's a landscaping project!

Used in this production were Topaz Denoise 3 , Nik Viveza , and Topaz Adjust 5 .

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The panorama that shouldn't exist!

Two photos. Two angles of view. Photoshop's photomerge made a decent stab at combining the frames, but the right one needed some significant transformation to straignten the verticals. A bit of masking and a touch of cloning, and voila! It's a panorama!

This, as many of the photos I fool around with, was taken with a crummy little camera with a plastic lens. It looks OK at screen resolution, but it wouldn't stand up to a loupe! But, hey! This is the web!

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