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What you have to do when you move photos to a new album and delete the old one. D'Oh!

While this album contains a bunch of photos from my all-too-brief (three day) visit to Prague in February 2008, what I wanted to feature were recent additions of #bridges that I posted last week for the #UbanSnap theme of the week. However, you'll have to browse through the album to find them! Or is this just a sneaky way of getting everyone to view my older photos? Muahahah!

The original posts for most (if not all) of these photos were deleted when I deleted the old album. However, at least the comments and plusses were preserved. In fact, I can't even delete old comments now that the original album has been deleted!

Google hasn't given us a way to rearrange photos from one album to another while preserving the original posts. At least comments and plusses can be preserved. There also needs to be a way to replace existing photos with updated (i.e., new size, re-processed, etc.) photos without losing comments and plusses. I am aware that it can be done via the Picassa desktop application and syncing albums, but that process is so convoluted that it's simply not worth the trouble.+Vincent Mo, +Brian Rose?


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