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Old Stone And Shiny Metal

The old and the new mesh fairly well!

County Hall took eleven years to build and served as the headquarters of London government, the Greater London Council, from 1922 until 1986 when the GLC was abolished. Since then the building has been converted into hotel, museum and exhibition space.

The London Eye was conceived as a celebration of the New Millennium. It was supposed to be a temporary attraction, but it became such a hit with tourists and locals alike that it quickly gained a place among London's iconic sights.

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An English Summer Day

No! Really! This was July 6th, 2005!

On all of my trips to England, never have I gone totally without rain. No surprise there, eh? Interestingly, if you look up statistics, there is more rain on average in June and July than there is in April and May. Be that as it may, this view across the lake/moat at Leeds Castle has plenty going for it in the greenery and blooming flowers.

What's not going for the photo, much, is the crummy camera I had at the time. The exposure was dark, grainy full of chroma noise . . . but between Photoshop and a lot of head banging on filters, this is what we have. It can't be considered a portfolio piece, but it is a fond reminder of a nice time.

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St. George's Chapel

Who's buried there?

In April 2006 I visited Windsor Castle. In the lower ward sits . . . or rather, stands St. George's Chapel. The original chapel was constructed in 1348, and has been plundered, repaired, expanded and remodeled a number of times. In various corners throughout the building are buried several historical royal personages, most notably from the last century, King George VI, Princess Margaret and The Queen Mother.

This photo was taken with my Panasonic Lumix DMC-FZ30 camera before I knew any better about RAW vs. JPEG photos. My budget minded decision was to take a 1 GB SD card and stick with JPEG. There is a bit of Topaz, some NIK HDR Efex Pro 2, and . . . some other stuff.

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