First Collection: China

Gotta start somewhere!

The photos in this collection are from my one and only visit in 2009. Along with three friends, I was part of a group sponsored by the Oakland, California Chamber of Commerce.

The trip was a week long, consisting of three days in Beijing, two days in Xian and two days in Shanghai. The book-end days were all travel.

Since items appear in the order of posting, rather than album order, the chronology is a bit lost. That’s OK, I guess. It’s about the photos, but it would be nice if the story could be told more logically without re-posting every picture.

One feature I’m already liking about a collection is that a photo can be replaced or updated by deleting a post and creating a new one to be shared to the collection. I have a bad habit of re-working my pictures every time the technologies of Photoshop, Lightroom and plugins get updated. I like to see if I can drag something viewable out of some otherwise questionable photographs.

The China collection


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The Castle

The Summer Palace, Beijing – April 2009

On our first day in Beijing we were taken by bus to the Imperial Summer Palace. This is a quite large complex, bigger- I think- than the Forbidden City. It is situated beside a lake, and the surroundings are quite beautiful.

One interesting thing about this place: the lake is man-made and the hill upon which the castle sits was created from the soil and rocks that were dug out of the ground to create the lake. Now that's a landscaping project!

Used in this production were Topaz Denoise 3 , Nik Viveza , and Topaz Adjust 5 .

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The Boat of Purity and Ease

or, "He wants a boat made of what??

The Marble Boat doesn't actually float. It is a pavilion built to resemble a boad, complete with imitation paddle wheels. The upper 'deck' structures are made of wood and painted to look like marble, but the base is real stone.

Ah, the life of an emperor!

Processed with Adobe Camera Raw, Photoshop CS6, NIK HDR Efex Pro 2, Topaz Detail 2.

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China's Unofficial National Flower

The Peony

The peony is the unofficial national flower of China, so it is rare to see a public garden or temple grounds that does not have peonies.

They grow in several different forms- some are like typical garden flowers on thin stems, some grow on short shrubs, and these were on tree-like plants four to six feet tall. The larger branches are two to three inches in diameter.

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