AU being the symbol for gold, this building seems to carry a message.

This is looking across from The Bund in Shanghai, China. All I can say is, thank goodness for Photoshop and the various plugins available to drag this out of the original material. You know, as much as I love post processing, there are days when I wish I was a better photographer and didn't have to work so hard on these things!

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Giants Among Us

But it seems someone else is pulling the strings.

That big terracotta guy staring down at you is a tad unnerving, but he'd have to break his strings to chase anyone down. He seems, perhaps, kindhearted, seeing as he's looking after the "little" one.

Apparently these giant marionettes were used in the opening ceremonies of the 2008 Beijing Olympics, but now they are on display at the Terracotta Warrior excavation site museum, Lintong District, Xian, Shiaanxi Province, China. Keeping in mind that the perimeter stanchions are typically 37 to 40 inches tall, you get some idea of their size.

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Old, Beaten Up And Faithful

Nostalgia uninvited, but welcome.

Around the corner from my work is a burger joint that's been there for many years- probably 50 or so. The current owners have been there several years and keep the place clean and friendly, but if the walls and fixtures could speak, there is none that could say, "I'm new here."

When the weather is warm and the smell of burgers emanates from the smokey grill, especially when mixed with the hunger inducing fragrance of onions, I am swept back to my youth. Scenes flick in and out of my memory like a slide show: A&W Rootbeer drive-ins, the Giant Orange on highway 99, my aunt's burger stand in Fresno, and more. Oh, and let's not forget the county and state fairs. Oh, no!

This napkin dispenser looks as if it may have been around since my younger days, yet it holds its bounty of paper with which to wipe the ketchup, mustard and grease from off my face. Some days they could make more money if they gave me the burger for free and charged by the napkin. But there it sits. Old, beaten up and faithful, reminding me of days I lived in other times and places.

This is a make-good for Project52-2012 week 36 theme of "Metal."

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A Warm Autumn Evening

This is my favorite season of the year.

This is a make-up photo for Project52-2012 week 38: Autumn. In the interests of full disclosure, while I did see the moon at about this location, I didn't have my camera with me. By the time I drove one block to my apartment, ran in and grabbed the camera, walked back and got set up, the moon had risen out of the frame. So this is the actual moon at the time this scene was captured, but moved in Photoshop from higher above the horizon.

+GPLUS::P52::2012 originated by +Giuseppe Basile
+Project52-2012 curated by +Gretchen Chappelle +Shelly Gunderson +Gary Munroe +Greg Berdan +Sue Butler +LaDonna Pride and +Kate Church


A River Runs Through It

A pleasant little park amid the urban chaos of enormous Shanghai.

Our tour bus was at some factory or other for a tour and "shopping opportunity" . . . rugs, I think. A small group of us got the OK from our guide to wander away for an hour or so. He told us about a garden and pet center a few blocks away- think PetsMart and Walmart Garden Center- combined. On the way there was a little riverside park. We spent some time exploring before going on to the garden center, then back to meet our group for lunch in the restaurant conveniently attached to the factory where all of the tour buses stop.

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