Accidental HDR

I call this an accidental HDR. I had three shots taken in the Battle Abbey ruins, Battle, UK. They were handheld, noisy and of wildly differing focal lengths. I've always been disappointed by the quality of the shots, but I had a moment of inspiration to try something.

I brought all three photos into Photoshop as layers, auto aligned, then auto blended. After flattening, I ran HDR toning for the basic look. The background layer was duplicated and given a 30 px blur and set to Hard Light blend mode.

The window opening was selected on the background and put on its own layer and set to Multiply. There was some purple aberration around the window, so a Hue/Sat layer was applied just to the window to desaturate the purple.Battle Abbey ruins, Battle, UK – May 2007. "Accidental" HDR from three shots handheld and of wildly different focal lengths.