First Collection: China

Gotta start somewhere!

The photos in this collection are from my one and only visit in 2009. Along with three friends, I was part of a group sponsored by the Oakland, California Chamber of Commerce.

The trip was a week long, consisting of three days in Beijing, two days in Xian and two days in Shanghai. The book-end days were all travel.

Since items appear in the order of posting, rather than album order, the chronology is a bit lost. That’s OK, I guess. It’s about the photos, but it would be nice if the story could be told more logically without re-posting every picture.

One feature I’m already liking about a collection is that a photo can be replaced or updated by deleting a post and creating a new one to be shared to the collection. I have a bad habit of re-working my pictures every time the technologies of Photoshop, Lightroom and plugins get updated. I like to see if I can drag something viewable out of some otherwise questionable photographs.

The China collection


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