A cup of hot chocolate for a cold winter's night and some iced tea left in the back of the fridge from last summer.

I had to put on the thinking cap for this one, as conditions have prevented me from getting out and about to seek something out there for this week's theme. Behold, there is this bottle of Arizona Diet Iced Tea that's been floating around the back of the refrigerator since sometime last summer, and I had a packet or two left of Swiss Miss Hot Chocolate mix on the shelf. Lucky me.

The background consists of a gigantic white towel- handy for covering up all the junk on my kitchen counter. There's some Topaz Adjust 5 in this, and a couple of levels adjustment layers to even out some of the background tones and bring back the chocolatey brown in the cup. And there's a hue/sat adjustment layer to crank up the saturation a bit.

+GPLUS::P52::2012 #2012Project52