Playing With Light

It Was Very Hot Down In The Salt Cellar

So . . . This is what happens when your half-baked idea only partially works. The setup was thus: A mini flashlight standing on end, held in place inside a paper towel tube cut to length, and that inside an old prescription bottle just the right diameter. The sea salt cellar/grinder was placed atop that so the light could shine through the salt crystals. I never knew there were so many apparent impurities in those pretty, white salt crystals. Yum.

The light faded as it ascended through the crystals, leaving the top of the frame very noisy. Then, to get the macro shot, I had to move the setup far enough away from the lens to focus, which then meant that the final frame had to be pretty severely cropped. D'Oh!

Ending up with a noisy frame with dirty looking salt crystals, I set about trying a couple dozen operations before settling on Topaz Adjust 5, then some high pass layers and finally, a hue/sat adjustment layer to colorize everything to look like hot coals.

It wasn't what I wanted, but it's a photo . . . or started as one.

+Project52-2012 +Kate Church +Gene Bowker +Gretchen Chappelle +Sandra Parlow +Gary Munroe +Greg Berdan +Sue Butler #2012project52