A View From The Castle

Someone has looked out on this for nearly 900 years.

This is the River Avon viewed from Warwick Castle in April 2006.

The window was dirty and spotted with pigeon poop. My zoom was too wide, the horizon severely tilted. And this was before I knew any better and was shooting JPEG instead of RAW. What you see here is the upper left corner, about 1/5th of the original frame. You do the math. JPEG noise, dirty window, severe crop all equals high levels of color noise, artifacts and a lack of true detail. After processing, it takes on a bit of a painted look, and people have seemed to like it. I'll take that!

If I ever go back to Warwick Castle armed with experience and knowledge, I will frame this same view at full resolution. And maybe someone from Madame Tussaud's will clean the windows before then. Would be nice.

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