In My Kitchen

It really works! Just like the infomercial says!

I bought the Nuwave Oven Mini – smaller than the one you see on TV all the time. If I had it to do over again, I'd get the full size one, and may yet indulge the temptation. It really does do what they claim, and I use it at least a couple times a week.

You'd think with all the other themes I've resorted to the kitchen to do, that this would have been easy. But noooo. My Nuwave Mini sits on top of my electric kitchen range. I haven't turned on a stovetop burner in a year or so, and although I keep things clean, the stovetop is pretty ugly, so I first did the capture at f11, 1.6 seconds using the range hood light for main lighting and a mini mag-lite to highlight the grill.

You don't see any stovetop, do you? So this is heavily Photoshopped – I masked the oven so I could make a background, drawing on some old +Scott Kelby techniques from memory, then I had to clean up some fingerprints and details, and do some color adjustments. Colors got kind of crazy, so there's a bunch of adjustment layers, some of them masked. The vignette is custom, to create the spotlight effect, which in hindsight would have been easier done differently. Next time. Right.