Hey! Look At Me!

Flowers are so vain. But they're beautiful anyway.

I'm not certain if this is really contrasting colors or complimentary colors, or maybe they're the same things in some cases. I kept looking around all week for something to take a picture of, and there were, you know, things that would work, but didn't offer anything especially photographic except the contrasting colors. On my way into my workplace I spotted these flowers in a tiny bed that is mostly neglected, yet certain plants seem to thrive on the minimal attention they receive.

Here we have the yellow against the . . . what color is that, heliotrope? . . . and that color in turn against the green. The wall behind was fairly bright, so I muted it with an overlay. I was using GIMP this time, as I'm at work and haven't yet signed on for the Creative Cloud . . . but I think I'm going to do that, as I'm much better versed in PhotoShop, with which I might have done more cleaning up– just because I know how to do it there.

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