Background Becomes Foreground

Having the wrong idea all week makes you go for what's handy.

So . . I was confused for some reason about this week's theme until I saw someone else's post and looked at the theme calendar. D'Oh!

This is the extra large white towel that has served as background on a couple of other photos for Project52. Not a lot of processing, except that I duplicated the original layer, gave it a Gaussian blur and set it to hard light blend mode to give it a slightly diffused, dreamy look. Then I did a bit of dodging and burning on a merged layer to lighten up some vignetted corners and darken down a couple of spots to restore details.

+GPLUS::P52::2012, +Project52-2012 Originated by +Giuseppe Basile, curated by +Kate Church, +Greg Berdan, +Gretchen Chappelle, +Shelly Gunderson, +Gary Munroe, +Gene Bowker, +Sue Butler and +LaDonna Pride.