Big Ideas, Big Machines, Big Noise

I love watching other people work!

This is more of the Bay Area Rapid Transit (BART) Oakland International Airport link construction. Taken with my iPhone, no processing of any kind except to reduce dimensions for uploading.

It's easy to see many things I might have done in Photoshop if it was allowed this week:
The horizontal and vertical lines are off (and it's not all due to keystone effect).
The bottom is dark, and could use some kind of levels adjustment.
I like the sky, though.

For +Project52-2012 +GPLUS::P52::2012 – originated by +Giuseppe Basile, curated by +Gretchen Chappelle, +Shelly Gunderson, +Gary Munroe, +Gene Bowker, +Sue Butler, +LaDonna Pride and +Kate Church